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Follow These 6 Steps to Create a Brilliant Internal Linking Structure

25.10.2016, 1m

Internal Links

Internal links are important for both shop visitors and search engine crawlers. After all, your visitors should be able to find the relevant product pages with just a few clicks and the crawler follows links to detect the individual pages. The internal links are also important for the weighting of individual pages. More the links which lead to a page, the better this page is evaluated by search engines.

This concept of "link juice" is based on the idea that link strength of a page is determined by incoming links and is passed on by the outgoing links. Thus, a website operator is able to correspondingly steer the value of individual pages.

It is surprising how many websites still struggle with internal linking. We have created a list of 6 very important tools that will help you massively improve internal linking structure.

A good internal linking structure will help your website:

  1. Rank better as Google can crawl your website easily
  2. Have improved navigation for users
  3. Spread linkjuice throughout the website (ranking power)

The following tools will help you drastically improve your internal links and website errors.

 Download Internal Links Whitepaper