How Can I Resolve Trust Issues for My Online Shop - What to Know About Trustmarks

03.04.2017, 0m


E-commerce has exploded in recent years. Though we all know who the giants that dominate the industry are, small businesses still have an opportunity to sell their niche and unique products directly to the public. No matter how confident a business owner might be in being able to maintain loyalty from their current customers, communicating trust to acquire new customers is still one of the hardest things a company strives to do. This is why having a trustmark on your website is of the upmost importance these days.

Statistics show that 63% of buyers feel more secure in online shops that carry a trustmark, while 42% of online buyers actively look for it. There are quite a few trustmarks out on the market these days, so what makes one more effective than the others? Asking the right kinds of questions before choosing to get certified is crucial.

Download the free whitepaper below which will explain the important qualities to look out for, as well as what extra features you, as a business owner, will get from having a trustmark. Equally important, what advantages will your customers get from the trustmark?

What makes a trustmark trustworthy whitepaper