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7 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Reach

11.09.2017, 6m


Are you struggling to reach your fans through conventional Facebook posts? You’re not the only one. Indeed, Facebook wants you to invest your advertising budget in ads. Even though it might be worth investing in Facebook advertising to boost sales, there are still a few options you might want to explore to improve your organic performance and reach your fans.

According to an AdAge insider, Facebook plans to constantly reduce the organic reach. A Facebook’s spokesperson said quite appropriately: The best way to make sure your posts are visible is to pay for it.

Statistics show that both statements are undoubtedly true.

organic-reach.jpgHowever, there are a few tricks you can still put in place to improve your reach and make sure that most of your Facebook fans see your posts.

Here are 7 tips to increase your organic reach on Facebook:

Tip 1: Quality rather than quantity

Facebook wants to show visitors interesting content, which makes sure that they spend even more time on Facebook – be it to check a funny post, an emotional story, or a clever pun. The longer users stay on Facebook, the more advertising they can be shown, and the more money Facebook makes.

That’s why posts reaching this objective are highlighted. It’s not by chance that photos of babies or weddings appear so frequently in your news feed. That’s what users react to.

Therefore, before publishing something on Facebook, you should ask yourself whether it is interesting enough to interrupt users scrolling through their news feed.

If you don’t have a social media team, then you’ll know how much time you need to publish something on Facebook. That’s why, instead of obsessively posting five product pictures a day, you’d better ask yourself how you can offer your fans some added value.

Publish one of these high-quality posts a day rather than 5 boring ones.

Dunkin Donuts.png

Added value doesn’t mean that the life of users must be positively affected by your post in the long run – a smile, a reaction, or a moment when users just think ‘Same here’ will do the trick.


Indeed, with these  kinds of posts, you send a positive signal to Facebook: if you publish something and your fans don’t ignore it but interact with your post, Facebook will reward you with a greater reach. Companies publishing spammy posts on a regular basis should be happy if they even get just one like.

So, make sure that the content you share with your fans is entertaining and might trigger a reaction on their part.

Additionally, make sure that the pictures, videos, and texts you publish are unique because, just like Google, Facebook prefers unique content, too.

Tip 2: Videos are the future

Videos are the future of the internet. Or at least that’s the impression you get.

Everybody who regularly uses Facebook has certainly witnessed the dramatic increase in video posts. Since Facebook plans to outstrip YouTube, videos are displayed preferentially in the news feed.

You should definitely take advantage of this trend. To do so, you might want to:

  • present product images in a slide show;
  • make your blog posts more dynamic and convert them into short videos;
  • present the products of the week as a mini show;
  • answer the customers’ questions by using videos;

The live format is very popular, too – both with customers and the Facebook algorithm. Live videos seem to show up at the top of the news feed.

Is there a great new product you would like to present to your customers live? Have you ever considered a Facebook home shopping format? What about an exclusive Behind the Scenes video? Or a live Q&A session?

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities. Just test out what goes down well with your customers and fans.

The perfect product video whitepaper

Tip 3: The 80/20 rule

This is perhaps the most important factor you need to keep in mind to make sure that your Facebook posts entertain your fans and contribute to boosting sales.

The rule is simple: 80% of your posts shouldn’t sell anything, but rather entertain your fans and bond them with your brand and online shop.

If 80% of your posts go down well with your fans and the Facebook algorithm acknowledges it (see tip 1), your other posts calling potential customers to action (i.e. buying a product) will be tolerated.

However, it is advisable to keep the number of such advertising posts low, i.e. at maximum 20%.

80% entertainment, 20% selling

Keep in mind that nobody is on Facebook to buy something. This social network is rather used to kill time or as a distraction.

That’s why posts aiming at selling something need to be entertaining and interesting, too.

Use successful posts as a reference for future ones and try to link entertainment with selling.

Or just produce a funny, entertaining advertising video, which has a chance to go viral.

Tip 4: Avoid links in your posts

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Facebook wants users to spend as much time as possible on Facebook.

What is the fastest way to move away from the news feed to another website? By simply clicking on a link.

Therefore, try and avoid posts containing links. Play by Facebook’s rules and make sure that users stay on its website.

In case your post doesn’t make sense without a link, you may publish the link in the first comment and pin it. This makes it more difficult for interested users to find the link, but it makes the post visible to more people.

Tip 5: Use the latest trends or current affairs

In case you haven’t noticed, some people are pretty excited about season 7 of Game of Thrones. When a designer from the show revealed that some of the costumes were created from IKEA rugs, IKEA did the smartest thing they could: use it to their advantage. Using some of their own long-haired employees, they released some humorous photos meant to mimic the style of the show.


If you strike when the iron is hot, your posts can reach thousands upon thousands of people and show off your company’s human side.  

Since Game of Thrones probably won’t be using anything of yours in their next season, consider other topical events or trends: bank holidays, new zoo babies, VIP scandals, or even Mondays.

Amazon Mondays.png

Tip 6: Partnerships for more reach and likes

Do you have some budget you could use to cooperate with influencers from your sector? If so, you should definitively consider making such investment right now.

Indeed, a partnership with an influencer means that you’re able to reach not only your existing fans, but also the influencer’s fans.

They could then become fans of your Facebook page or even customers – without having heard of your shop before!

Another ‘partnership’ opportunity consists of using pictures made by your customers depicting a product or a situation that could be related to your shop.


Using  content coming from satisfied customers in the framework of your Facebook marketing strategy (with their consent, of course) makes your online shop more human and likeable in the eyes of potential customers.

You can get the same effect by posting some pictures of your team every now and then or by analysing the latest trends. This way, customers will be able to link your online shop with human faces, which helps boost customer loyalty.

Tip 7: Sponsor successful posts

Every now and then, a post you’ve published will go down particularly well.

Instead of being complacent with the result, use this opportunity proactively and make your online shop visible to even more people.

You can sponsor a post you’ve published at any time for it to be shown to even more Facebook users. A good post can thus be turned into a viral one on a shoestring.

Many new fans, more sales and new customers are more often than not the result of such viral posts.

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