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Now Free: Google Shopping in Search Results (Retail Listings)

08.07.2020, 2m

Remember our recent news about the possibility to promote your store in the Google Shopping section for free? Something else has been announced recently.

If you run an e-commerce store, you may soon be able to promote your store for free in the product listings on the very first page of Google results.

How? When? Keep reading to learn how to make use of the new feature.

Appear in Google Shopping for free

As a quick reminder, the product ads via Google Shopping that appear in the normal Google search results are not free:


And they will remain so. After all, these are ads. You have to pay to be featured in this section.

Then, what is free?

The Google Shopping section (i.e. when you click on the "Shopping" tab under the search bar):


It's already free to be featured in this section in the U.S. However, it  is not yet available in other countries... but it will be this year (as we mentioned in our article).

Reminder: Trusted Shops is a Google partner, so your star-ratings are automatically forwarded to Google, which can be a great way to improve your Google Ads’ click-through rates!

There's more news:

Last week Google announced new options for e-commerce stores. You will be able to promote your offers in even more places (for free). This new announcement also involves showing your products in the normal Google search results pages (SERPs).

They will appear in the Knowledge Panel. This is the panel you can see from time to time on the right side of the search results page.

Look at the example below of the Knowledge Panel that appears for the search related to a specific brand of tea kettles:


As you see, there are offers from different stores listed below the photos of the tea kettle. A user can also click to see more offers right in the Knowledge Panel.

The possibility to be featured there is now free in the U.S. on mobile devices. It will be available on desktop soon.

Google is going to roll this feature out in other markets soon, too. However, there is no concrete information about it yet.

Start Using Google Shopping

If you run an online shop and you invest in online marketing, it only makes sense to use Google Shopping. As you can see, Google has started offering more and more free options like the ones mentioned above.

These listings can bring you a lot of traffic. For free. Remember, you don't have to use Ads while using Google Shopping.

In order to have a chance of appearing in this prime Google real estate for free, you'll need to open a Google Merchant account (free). Set up your product feeds and upload them there. Soon you'll be able to reach new customers for free (once the option is available in the UK).

For more information on Google Shopping, check out our free guide:

Download Google Shopping whitepaper

This article was originally published on our Polish blog: Google Shopping – za darmo na głównej stronie wyszukiwania