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Mobilegeddon - How to Benefit from the Google Mobile Update

31.10.2016, 2m

There was a lot of hue and cry over the "Mobilegeddon" update when Google announced it. As close to half the searches on Google happen on mobile, it makes sense for them to worry whether mobile users are getting a good experience. You can—and should—welcome these new changes. It’s not hard to benefit from them.

In 2015, nearly 30% of all page views took place on a mobile device in Europe. That number was 40% around the world. It would be madness to assume this number will go anywhere but up. 

A lot of tiny details go into making sure a website is experienced properly. The size of the screen shouldn’t matter. Have you optimized your e-commerce shop’s site to avoid Google penalizing it? The search engine does not want a smaller screen to mean a lesser online experience. They’ve put this belief into action and now actively reward “mobile-friendly” sites. 

Mobile-friendly. Your ultimate goal in the aftermath of the mobile update, should be to get this label for your website. Before you can do that, learn exactly what you might need to change.  

What are some of the things to check for? 

  • Using the soft keypad properly.
  • Getting the size of things right so they can match mobile displays.
  • Placing links properly.
  • Optimizing text in a way that benefits users of any device.
  • Download our guide to learn more. 

Google wants webmasters to use responsive designs for their websites. But that’s not the end of things. Using a responsive design will not guarantee anything, whether it’s a template or a built-from-scratch site.  Google now looks carefully at the end user experience for people using mobile devices. They judge websites using a strict set of guidelines. But savvy website owners can actually gain from this update.

 You can learn how to benefit from Google’s mobile update. Just download our comprehensive guide to find out all the details.