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Facebook: New Tools to Better Communicate with Your Customers

24.06.2020, 5m

Social media is an important channel for communicating with your potential customers as well as your current ones.

Facebook knows that. And that's why they are introducing some new features for you and your business. You'll definitely have a closer relationship with your customers if you decide to use these new tools!


In this article you'll learn:

  • what customers want (studies)

  • how the new features can help your business

  • what feature Facebook is introducing

  • how to prepare

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What do customers expect?

Customers have made it clear: if they can communicate to a brand directly, they trust the brand more.

90% of customers even stated that they expect an immediate answer! And remember, over 1.3 billion people use Messenger!

It's natural then that a lot of consumers expect the possibility to contact the brand using this app.

Also, having the possibility for direct contact, such as live chat, has become even more important during the coronavirus pandemic. Customers have a lot of questions and need quick answers:

  • Is the store open again?
  • Can I still use the Click & Collect option?
  • How much time will you need to process and deliver my order?

The brands that are available for consumers on Messenger are the real winners in this situation. In some cases, they got more attention from customers. Sometimes customers decided to switch from their favourite brand to a competitor if they didn't receive an immediate answer.

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What about this new Facebook feature?

Messenger is gaining a new, very important feature:

Business owners (who claim their business on Facebook using the Page Manager) will be able to communicate with their customers directly from the Messenger app; the same Messenger app that they use for their private conversations right from their smartphones.

To make it clear:

You will be able to use the Mobile Messenger app for your business.


As you can see in the screenshots above, Messenger will let you easily switch between your private and business accounts.

This separation was of course designed so you can be sure that you're communicating with customers, not your friends (especially if you have so many friends that you can't easily tell them apart ;)

Will the current inbox still work?

Sure. Facebook says that you will still be able to use an inbox in the Page Manager.

Also, you won't have to use this Messenger for business feature if you really don't want to. Or you can combine both. It's up to you.

For example, you can use Page Manager during working hours and then switch to Messenger for urgent cases.

Do you have to prepare?

The new feature is going to be introduced automatically in a future app update. Technically, you won't have to do anything.

However, you should definitely think about your strategy of using the new feature in your business.

Imaging receiving notifications from your customers 24 hours per day. You would burn out very quickly. Obviously, you can't be available all the time.

Also, if you start talking with your customers right after receiving a message... You wouldn't be able finish any work. It would be too distracting.


High volume of notifications may reach you during your vacation – and that's not healthy

Perhaps, splitting the responsibilities makes sense. Either way, you definitely need to think over how you'd like to handle communication with your customers using this new feature.

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More Facebook News:

The new Messenger feature is not the only thing Facebook is working on.

We now know that Facebook would like to introduce a new tool for email marketing soon. They would like you to send your customers e-mail for your customers using Facebook.

Check out the preview:


By the  way, if you're thinking about starting an online shop, make sure not to miss our free checklist. Hint: visit the blog article "How to Start an Online Shop: A Beginner's Guide" first.

Starting an Online Shop checklist

Facebook confirmed it's legit and that they are really working on this feature.

The tool is currently being tested on a small group of small and medium companies who applied for beta-testing programme.

We can't wait for this feature to be introduced! Of course, we'll let you know – in our newsletter. Stay tuned!Tip: Subscribe to our newsletter for the most relevant e-commerce content  delivered to your inbox.

This article was originally published on our Polish blog: Facebook: te nowe narzędzia pomogą Ci w biznesie