Monthly Recap #11: What Turns off British Shoppers

29.03.2018, 2m

In this month's recap, we'll be looking at what turns off British shoppers. Also, the EU has come up with some new efforts to reduce shipping prices across Europe. 


UK Shoppers are turned off by online stock issues

A study by Whistl has revealed that over 90% of online shoppers in the UK regularly meet issues such as low stock or unavailability. When this happens, more than half of consumers (51%) will immediately turn to a competitor.

Shockingly, the study also revealed that only 18% of British consumers are likely to return to a shop where they’ve face availability issues.

Perhaps unsuprisingly, 78% of respondents said they would be influenced to buy a product upon seeing a “low stock” indicator on a product page. It seems these notifications can motivate shoppers to take action and complete a purchase on the spot.

New EU rules for cross-border deliveries

The European Union is trying to lower shipping costs for online consumers by making the parcel market more transparent. Because prices can vary incredibly, the European Commission says it will set up a price comparison website for parcel delivery.

Besides this, courier services will be required to provide customers with clear information on prices and conditions. Here is a video created by the European Parliament explaining their goals.

Brits have a queue limit

Have a brick and mortar shop? This might be interesting to you. According to a Consumer Trends Survey, Brits will stop waiting on a queue after 6 mins 46 seconds.

Interestingly, Londoners are the 5th most patient region in terms of queuing.

  1. East Midlands (7 min 12 sec)

  2. North East (7 min 3 sec)

  3. Scotland (6 min 57 sec)

  4. West Midlands (6 min 54 sec)

  5. London (6 min 51 sec)

The top five least patient shoppers by region were:

  1. Wales (6 min 6 sec)

  2. North West (6 min 27 sec)

  3. Yorkshire and the Humber (6 min 30 sec)

  4. South East (6 min 43 sec)

  5. East Anglia (6 min 44 sec)

The survey also revealed that 69% of shoppers have not bought an item because of a queue (I’m definitely in that club). Additionally, shoppers aged 55+ are the most patient, waiting up to 7 minutes in a line. However, 25-34 year-olds were the least patient, waiting only 6.39 minutes.

Being understaffed during busy periods can really cost you sales. Keep this in mind during the holidays and big sales.

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