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API Limits for Safe Rich Snippets – New Releases in May

30.05.2017, 2m


A comprehensive update leads to more security in the transmission of rich snippets to Google. How do star ratings find their way to search results? Discover this and another interesting feature in our May product update.

Hackers don’t stand a chance

Rich snippets enable you to get the star ratings displayed in your Google search results free of charge. The transmission of content requires a solid technology base. That is why we have updated the necessary interfaces or APIs. We have introduced a time limit on API requests to avert hacker attacks and ensure the stability of the system. Moreover, you are advised to use a buffer cache for APIs.

You can find a guideline on how the transmission of rich snippets works here, whereas our APIs are available here.

If you have any questions on the integration, contact us per e-mail.

An improved design for more effective review request e-mails

Review request e-mails have a decisive impact on the number of reviews you collect. Therefore, we constantly update our review request e-mails to make sure you can offer users a consistent customer journey. Font sizes and graphics have now been harmonised.


The heart of a review request e-mail is of course the button directing customers to the review form. That is why it is placed right at the centre of the e-mail. Further information can be provided below the button. For instance, customers can be offered the option to receive review request e-mails at a later stage if they haven’t received the goods yet and wish to wait before giving a final judgement on your shop.

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