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Telephone Helplines and Their Charges

28.06.2016, 1m

Great customer service is one of the key tools to selling successfully. Especially online, it gains greater importance because it is the way of communicating with your customer. Providing a phone number in your shop is very useful and is one of the quick and efficient ways for your customers to get in touch with you.

A phone number should be part of your supplier identification along with your e-mail address which is compulsary by law. Other than that, you may also offer a hotline number which is not free of charge. Therefore, you need to know the following:

Where you offer a telephone helpline for consumer to contact you with queries on the contract that they entered into with you, you may not charge more than the basic rate for a call.  This means that for such calls you can charge only the normal geographic or mobile rates.

The following numbers comply with the requirements of the Consumer Contracts Regulation:

  • geographic numbers - starting 01, 02 or 03
  • mobile numbers - starting 07 (except numbers starting 070, which are not mobile numbers)

If you phone line number starts with

  • 09
  • other revenue-sharing numbers such as 084,0871,0872 or 0873
  • or 0870

you are not compliant with the regulations.

For purposes other than in relation to a concluded contract, you may still charge for phone calls. Where you offer premium rate telephone numbers in your shop, such as 0871, 0872 or 0873 numbers, the cost of the call (including taxes) must be specified before any call charges incur.  Therefore information about the call costs per minute shall be placed next to such phone numbers.


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