Trusted Shops Review Profiles Get a Makeover

19.11.2019, 2m

Trusted Shops review profiles have gotten redesigned. This new layout focuses on reviews, more relevant keywords, powerful SEO mobile design, and much more. We are releasing the new review profile on 3 December 2019. In this article, you’ll learn about what’s changing and how this will benefit your online shop. 


The buying behaviour of online shoppers is constantly changing. Forecasts predict that as many as 66 percent of people will be using a smartphone or tablet to shop by 20201. Regardless of device, Google searches for customer experiences are still a key factor when it comes to deciding whether or not to purchase from a shop. We are responding to these developments with an update to the review profile.


All of the benefits of the new review profile at a glance:

  • Relevant keywords: The keywords ‘reviews’ and ‘experience’ are the focus of the review profile. These are the search terms that users google most frequently together with the name of an online shop.

  • Optimised metadata: Together with the keywords, optimised review profile metadata also contributes to getting a better ranking on Google.

  • Clearer mobile design: The mobile design emphasises the most important content, namely the overall rating and customer reviews. Visitors can find out everything else about the online shop via drop-down menus. As well as usability, the changes have a big impact for SEO, which improves the ranking of the profile on Google.

  • Layout with a focus on reviews: The review profile impresses with a clean, modern layout, where the aim is to allow users to view ratings and customer reviews at a glance. The Trusted Shops trustmark and further information about the shop can be found at the side in the desktop version.

  • Focus on the essentials: Individual reviews in the categories ‘delivery’, ‘goods’ and ‘customer service’ will no longer be shown in the new profile—only the overall rating. Although users currently still award review stars in the three sub-categories in our review form, these merge into one overall rating for each review submitted. In the future, the review form will follow the display in the profile so that customers can only award stars for an online shop one time and not for each of the three categories.

  • Preparation for additional features: As well as the visible changes, the update to the review profile also represents technical preparation for additional features. Even more new features will be coming out over the next few months, including features like marking reviews as helpful, faster loading times, and more options for sorting reviews.

You don’t need to do anything to benefit from these new features. The switch to the new review profile will take place automatically on 03/12/2019.

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