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"Trusted Shops have always been easy to engage with, friendly, and helpful..."

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"Having the Trustmark gives our customers an added level of confidence in buying from us."

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"It was so easy to start collecting reviews... Set up and integration was handled well..."

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bedding & beyond product page bedding & beyond product page bedding & beyond product page

Bedding & Beyond: Rising & Shining

Bedding & Beyond is a family-owned and run business with two brothers, Richard and Russell Deamer, being the directors of the company. After building up experience with a wallpapers and coverings business, the founders identified a gap in the market for children’s bedding and accessories and opened up their newest online shop, beddingandbeyond.com.

They currently employ 44 staff, are based purely online, with 2 sites for distribution (Maidenhead & Burnley).

The aim of the company has always been to provide a wide range of high-quality home and bedroom décor, all at great prices. Alongside their range of products, customer service has been a key to their success. With free returns, a 365-day return policy, and free shipping options, it’s no wonder they have earned a 4.59 service rating from over 1,200 reviews.

Richard Deamer - Bedding & Beyond
Richard James Deamer,
Director at Bedding & Beyond

Building a blanket fort: Partnering with Trusted Shops

Although the company was only founded in 2020, experience with e-commerce was plentiful. The founders decided to launch their new site with Trusted Shops from day one. Richard James Deamer, Director at Bedding & Beyond, tells us:

“After talking to Trusted Shops, we knew they would be a good fit for us. We have used other review platforms before and had grown disillusioned with the way we felt they treated us. Trusted Shops have always been easy to engage with, friendly, and helpful. Their values aligned with ours.”

Needing more than just a reviews platform, Bedding & Beyond wanted a full “trust-solution” and that is why they booked the Trusted Shops Trustmark with Buyer Protection, service reviews, product reviews, and Google Integration.

Trusted Shops strives to give our partners the attention they deserve. With dedicated account managers, this stands out to Richard as one of the key differentiators from Trusted Shops’ competitors.

“We are very happy with the level of customer support we receive from Trusted Shops. Being able to contact someone and know they will get back to us in a positive way was essential when choosing to partner with them.”

why trusted shops explanation

Bedding & Beyond has a dedicated page to explain why they work with Trusted Shops

bedding & beyond trustbadge rating

Beddingandbeyond.com rating as of 06 April 2023

The Trustmark with Buyer Protection

The Trusted Shops Trustmark is a third-party certificate that has shops undergo an audit process. When the shop is determined to have passed the quality criteria (based on EU best practices and regulations), they can display the Trustmark on their site.

Shops that display the Trustmark on their site can offer their customers a 30-day Buyer Protection, which entitles them to a full refund if an item is returned within the timespan. It also protects them from non-delivery or non-refunds for valid returns.

There are many custom integrations for the Trustmark and Bedding & Beyond showcases the Trustmark front-and-centre at the top of every page, directly in the navigation. On mobile devices, the Trustmark floats in the corner of the screen, above the fold.

“Trusted Shops Trustmark and Buyer Protection has been a fantastic feature for us. We specialise in selling toddler beds, which are a relatively big purchase for any parent when considering their children’s bedroom. Having the Trustmark gives our customers an added level of confidence in buying from us.”

Customer Reviews

Alongside the Trustmark, website visitors can also see the Bedding & Beyond’s service rating. A 4.59 is an impressive score and a good rating helps build confidence with first-time shoppers.

With the click of their mouse, shoppers can read more about the Buyer Protection or head to the shop’s review profile to get an in-depth look at customer feedback.

The website decided to integrate a second widget in their footer that displays recent service reviews as well.

Product pages provide the same access to these service reviews. However, they also display their product reviews using two widgets: a small widget to display the average rating at the top of the page and the full widget farther down the page for more details. 

bedding & beyond product page gif

Service reviews are showcased in the navigation as well as the footer. Product reviews are also easily accessed in the body of the page.

Google Integration

Speaking of integration, Richard James Deamer, Director at Bedding & Beyond was keen to tell us:

“It was so easy to start collecting reviews with Trusted Shops. Set up and integration was handled well and we have seen the number of reviews we collect steadily grow.”

The customer journey often begins in search engines like Google. Many companies, including Bedding & Beyond, advertise their products in Google Shopping. This is a great opportunity to make a first impression on their audience and drive traffic to their site.

Having booked the Google Integration product, Bedding & Beyond wanted to take advantage of their product ratings in Google Shopping. With Trusted Shops’ Google-certified reviews being sent to the search engine giant directly, there is a good chance the stars will appear in the Shopping results, thus creating a level of trust before the visitor has even entered the website.

bedding & beyond google shopping results


No sleeping on the job: Working hard to build trust solutions

By offering great products at great prices, backed by excellent customer service, collecting heaps of positive reviews was easy for Bedding & Beyond. Choosing to work with Trusted Shops was a proactive decision for Richard and Russell.

“We are really happy to be a Trusted Shops customer, and believe it has helped our company grow. It’s fantastic that the level of support we receive has remained high. As a former customer of a popular competitor, we would recommend Trusted Shops to any online retailer in the UK or Europe.”

Awarding the Trustmark to a company with values aligned together so closely with Trusted Shops made this partnership go together like... matching pillows and sheets!

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