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We hosted an interview Pascal Ebadian, General Manager Germany at Bloom & Wild, a UK company that specialises in letterbox flower delivery.

Pascal discusses the challenges of entering the German market and why Bloom & Wild decided to implement the Trusted Shops trustmark and reviews platform.

Below you’ll find some excerpts of this interview along with the full version towards the bottom.

1. Entering the German Market

"What do we need to do in the the process to make it as good as possible for Germans?" In this clip, Pascal talks about some of the intricacies of entering the German market, including payment options. 
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2. Building Trust in Germany

No matter which market you decide to enter, building trust is always important. In this clip, Pascal discusses how trust was built once Bloom & Wild entered the German market.
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3. Trust Statistics

"84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends." Veronika shares some interesting statistics regarding trust in online shopping.
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4. Audit & Integration

"When you enter a new market, you have different kinds of regulations and Germany is especially tricky." Pascal discusses how the Trusted Shops audit helped Bloom & Wild become compliant in Germany. 
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5. Collecting Reviews

In this clip, we see how customised review collection can have a personal touch. A highly visible customer rating can help build trust in a new market.
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6. Buyer Protection

"One of the special things that Trusted Shops has..." Pascal describes how customers can opt into a 30-day money-back guarantee towards the end of the purchase process. 
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7. Advice on Going Cross-border

In this clip, Pascal gives some general tips on entering new markets, including localising your message, looking at your product with "new eyes", logistics, and legal topics.  
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The full interview

Want to see the full interview? Watch Veronika Kaioukova from Trusted Shops ask Pascal Ebadian from Bloom & Wild about entering the German market and how Trusted Shops helped them build trust.

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