Efficient service

Integrate your review management into your usual processes. Use automatically created tickets for fast and targeted support.

Fewer systems

Your team can also use the familiar ticket system for review management and can get started without training or time delays.

More meaningful data

Connect incoming reviews to your customer data so that you can analyse them in a broader context.

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Review management and customer support in one place

Manage your Service and Product Reviews with our eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk from the very place you communicate with your customers every day – your familiar ticket system. Spare your team the tedious product training and unmanageable jumbles of tools and give them time for what really matters: customer support at the very highest level.

With integration, you can directly respond to reviews received in your Zendesk system. In this way, you build a bridge between eTrusted and your ticket system, along with ensuring a stable connection between the two service platforms. Surprise your customers with quick and personal reactions to submitted reviews and integrate the collected feedback directly into your data pool.

Please consult our information on compatibility with your Zendesk plan. 

Key features of the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk

The eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk can be configured in just a few steps and includes the following functions:


Import your reviews into your Zendesk system

Transfer the Service and Product Reviews you collect with eTrusted directly to your Zendesk system. Determine which reviews you want to import with just a few clicks.

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Create tickets automatically

For example, do you want to edit every review or only focus on critical reviews? The choice is all yours! Set up individual rules about which reviews you want tickets to be automatically created for.

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Ticket Ticket Ticket

Automatically assign tickets to the right person

Make sure that the tickets you create end up in the right place. Smoothly integrate your review management into your established processes and take customer support to the next level.

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Respond to reviews

Save yourself and your teams the hassle of switching between different tools. Instead, process feedback in the familiar Zendesk environment where all your customer data is at your fingertips. Directly send review responses to your clientele by e-mail if needed.

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Report reviews to Trusted Shops

Do you feel that a review violates our terms and conditions for use? Then report this feedback directly to Trusted Shops using the integration. Our service team will check the review immediately and delete it if necessary.

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Helpful tips for using the integration

We will guide you through the installation and configuration of the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk in a way that suits your needs. In our Help Centre you will find a wealth of information to help you get started quickly and start enjoying success.

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The eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk is compatible with all Zendesk plans that allow private apps ("Private Custom Apps and Integrations"). This applies to Zendesk for Customer Service (Growth and Professional Suite) and Basic Support (Professional and Enterprise). So, before booking, please ensure that you are using one of these plans. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to edit personalise Review Invites via the eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk. We will be happy to inform you as soon as this feature has been set up. The use of the plugin is subject to the licence agreement. Our General Membership Agreement / Experience Feedback Platform terms and conditions applies.