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Care of Carl

Moving beyond good storytelling to build trust


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Borås, Sweden

Trusted Shops member
since October 2019

Entering the German market with Trusted Shops

Care of Carl  is a premium e-retailer in men's clothing who makes use of great storytelling to build connections with their consumers. By using content marketing, the quality brand reaches audiences by sharing their expertise on the fashion industry.

After deciding to enter the German market, Care of Carl realised that they would need more than good storytelling to build a solid foundation of trust. Thus, the start of their collaboration with Trusted Shops. 


"Trust at first sight" with customer reviews and the Trustmark

It has become increasingly important for shops who offer excellent services and products, like Care of Carl, to prove it to consumers. The Trusted Shops Trustmark is a familiar symbol in the German market, which is why it proved worthwhile to Care of Carl's entry into the market. It is a small detail on a shop's website that increases customer trust instantaneously. 

Displaying authentic customer feedback is another sure way of gaining shopper trust. Customer reviews can also be used as a helpful tool to measure and improve upon a shop's offers and services.

Days needed to complete the Trustmark qualification


Target achievement for sales since Trustmark qualification
Rating as of
01.02.2022 (from 5 stars)
"There are always small things that you forget in the process of launching a shop in a new market. Often, they are small details, but those are the important details that can really make a difference for the customers."
Mr. Henning  Källqvist,
Founder and CEO of Care of Carl
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