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Take care of your existing customers - they are the most grateful

Acquiring new customers is extremely difficult and therefore the most expensive. However, those who have bought from you before know how good your business is. Make sure you use all the opportunities you can to stay in touch with them. This way, you’ll be their first choice once they’re ready to shop again.

Give your customers a voice

Before a customer even makes a purchase, knowing that they have the possibility to write a review can put their minds at ease. Giving customers the power to share their opinions, whether good or bad, gives them a voice.

With the help of the Trustbadge® and the Review Collector, you can remind them to leave you feedback after their purchase. Though the average Trusted Shops retailer has a rating well above 4/5, there is always the possibility of a negative review. Remember that if you react quickly, this reflects well on your customer service.


Who doesn’t want to help?

Design your shop as an experience for your customers. If your concept is convincing, then past customers will be happy to help new visitors. With product reviews, new visitors will be well informed about your products, and that usually leads to lower return rates for you. You’d be amazed how many shoppers like to share their experiences!


We're happy to help

How does Trusted Shops help with international sales? How much will the right package cost you? What will these individual features do for your shop specifically?

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Give your customers peace of mind with a guarantee

Do you know that feeling when you’re waiting for a package to arrive? The thought “What should I do now?” now enters your mind.

The Trusted Shops Buyer Protection gives your customers a certain peace of mind when it comes to finalising a purchase. 

Customers also receive an email reminder at the end of the 30 days, reminding them that everything did indeed run smoothly with your shop.


Building Loyalty through Customer Engage­ment

In the modern world, every great brand has an online presence. However, having an online presence means more than just having a website. Engaging with your customers helps your brand:

  • gain invaluable feedback
  • showcase your brand's personality
  • build loyalty with your customers

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Fast and easy integration: That’s how Trusted Shops works for your shop.

You can integrate the Trusted Shops Trustmark with Buyer Protection into many e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. Our Trustbadge® makes it possible!

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