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Your customers like to browse around on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. If the intent to purchase is high, they’ll research the details on Google and Amazon. Your task: Direct this "traffic" to your digital shop window. How? Trusted Shops has the right solutions.

When customers head to Google for a product, your offer should be found.

Trusted Shops is a Google partner, which means that we submit the reviews you collect with us directly to the search engine giant. When those star-ratings show up, your visibility increases as well as your trustworthiness. Light up the path to your store with eye-catching stars throughout Google!

Google Partner


Google Ads with star-ratings? It’s simply a must! And it’s easy to get them!

Trusted Shops’ Google Integration automatically transfers your reviews over to Google - which can be displayed as stars in their search results. When your Google Ads show off how good your customer service and satisfaction is, the “star power” you’re showing off will automatically raise your campaign’s performance.

According to Google1, displaying high star-ratings can:

  • Increase your CTR (click-through rate) by 17 %
  • Reduce your CPC (cost-per-click)
  • Improved Quality Scores (QS) (QS)
  • Increase in website traffic

Google Shopping and the power of stars: Improve your CTR from 10-15%, according to Google.

When ready-to-buy shoppers look for products on Google Shopping, the star-ratings under your products will surely win them over. 

Your seller ratings will help differentiate you from your competitors selling the same products.


Want your stars to appear in Google organic searches? Rich snippets make it happen!

Trusted Shops gets those star-ratings into rich snippets, which will appear in those Google organic search results. According to Google, star-ratings can get you a CTR boost of up to 30 %.


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Show off your reputation… on Facebook

We have solutions that allow you to show off your reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Co. For example, you can show off your Trusted Shops Review Profile on your company’s Facebook page.

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The home of your reviews: Your Trusted Shops profile

This is where visitors can read all your customer reviews as well as your reactions to criticism. All of this builds transparency and trust - not to mention Google visibility. It’s the perfect solution for companies of all sizes, especially “smaller” and new businesses. Use our solutions to increase traffic and conversions.


Boost traffic by showing off your star-ratings in organic Google searches

Have you ever wondered how those little star-ratings show up next to some Google search results? Get an extra edge over your competitors by showing off your star-ratings in Google.

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Fast and easy integration: That’s how Trusted Shops works for your shop.

You can integrate the Trusted Shops Trustmark with Buyer Protection into many e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. Our Trustbadge® makes it easy!

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