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Localisation & Internationalisation

How to make your online shop successful across borders


In this webinar, you will:

  • learn the four most important things you need to do to succeed abroad
  • receive a clear overview of the first steps to take in your own project
  • get inspiration and tips on marketing strategies for a new country

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With Max Riis Christensen from MakesYouLocal


In this webinar, you will learn

In this webinar, Max from MakesYouLocal, will show you how to establish and operate localised and successful online shops across several countries. Initially, we'll summarise the 4 disciplines that all successful webshops do well. This will be followed by the steps you need to go through to build a successful localised online shop abroad. When that part is handled and the shop is launched, it is about winning customers over from skilled local competitors. The last (but very important) part of the webinar is dedicated to sharing our experiences on how to grow in a profitable way in a new country.



Our Webinar Team


Max Riis Christensen

Max Riis Christensen, from MakesYouLocal, is specialised in cross-border e-commerce and works fulltime on such projects these days. He has detailed insights on the challenges as well as opportunities of localisation all over Europe and works with a great network of local e-commerce specialists.

His work with cross-border e-commerce also includes website optimisation, CRM strategies, online marketing, and supply chain optimisation and outsourcing.


Lucinda Browne

Born in Germany with a South-African and British background, Lucinda Browne works in performance marketing at Trusted Shops for the international and Spanish markets.

She enjoys optimising ads, creating content for the different social media channels, and staying up to date with the newest tips & trends in the e-commerce sector.

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