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The Trusted Shops webinar

Chapter 1: Why is a harmonious online reputation so important?

With Veronika Kaioukova

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In this presentation, learn about:

  •   the importance of online reviews
  •   why it's so important to have a harmonious online reputation
  •   what tools you can use to help you achieve this important goal

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Why is a harmonious online reputation so important?

Nowadays, reading online reviews has become a force of habit and rightfully so. Online shoppers want to know everything ahead of time, but what happens when a company has an excellent profile on one platform and a terrible one on another?

In this webinar, we'll explore the importance of having a harmonious online reputation and we'll look at the tools you'll need to achieve it.

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Veronika Kaioukova - Trusted Shops

Veronika Kaioukova is the Market Manager Nordics at Trusted Shops. With close to 10 years of experience, she loves to challenge the traditional ways of doing business. Veronika leads the Nordics e-commerce consulting team, overseeing client acquisition, partnerships, and strategy.

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