Webinar: Common SEO pitfalls for online shops (& how to fix them)



With Izzi Smith from Ryte.


In this webinar, you will learn:

> Lots of practical advice on what issues to look out for and how they can be resolved most efficiently

> How to effectively assess and prioritize these technical SEO issues

> Better analysis of what keywords your audience is using and how to optimize for those


Common SEO pitfalls for online shops

Having unique products, unbeatable customer service, and stunning reviews may make your customers fall in love with you, but just these alone sadly aren’t enough if those customers can’t find you in search engine result pages. This is why a strong technical SEO strategy is crucial for eCommerce success!

Using their vast experience of analyzing and improving eCommerce websites from technical, UX, and content perspectives, Ryte has put together the most common eCommerce website pitfalls and how you can easily avoid them to ensure ongoing traffic and revenue growth.

Izzi Smith

Izzi is a Technical SEO Analyst at Ryte, where she spends her time solving technical SEO mysteries, sharing her knowledge, and helping companies create even more awesome websites for users and Search Engines. She has a thing for creating SEO memes, chilling in Munich’s beer gardens, and has spoken at many top industry events and conferences across Europe.