Trustbadge overview Trustbadge overview Trustbadge overview

1. Entering your shop

Consumers immediately see the Trustbadge displayed in the lower-right hand corner of your shop, which informs them of the guarantee. On mobile, the Trustbadge can be displayed in a variety of ways.

On the desktop, the Trustbadge remains visible while scrolling down the page. However, on mobile, it becomes transparent when scrolling down and reappears when scrolling up.

2. Further information

As soon as the consumer clicks on the Trustbadge, a small window with more information appears. Here, the consumer can read about the Trustmark, the Buyer Protection, and your shop reviews.

Trustcard opened Trustcard opened Trustcard opened
Product reviews Product reviews Product reviews

3. See product reviews

As the shopper browses your product pages, they can see the star-ratings that your products have received from previous customers. This will reinforce the trustworthiness of your shop.

4. Option for the Buyer Protection

Once the purchase is completed, the “Trustcard” is displayed. This is where the 30-day Buyer Protection is offered to the customer. With the guarantee, purchases up to €2,500 are protected free of charge. Permission is also requested to send them a review request.

Opt into Buyer Protection Opt into Buyer Protection Opt into Buyer Protection
Confirm Buyer Protection Confirm Buyer Protection Confirm Buyer Protection

5. Confirmation of the Buyer Protection

The confirmation of the Trusted Shops Buyer Protection is sent to the customer via e-mail informing them of their 30-day protection.

After the purchase:
Collect reviews automatically!

Review invitation Review invitation


Once the product has been delivered, the customer receives an invitation to leave a review. This mail can be customised to match the style of your online shop.

Trusted Shops shop review form Trusted Shops shop review form

Shop review

After receiving the invitation, the customer ends up on the review page where they can write a review for your online shop.

Trusted Shops product review request Trusted Shops product review request

Product review form

Once the shop review has been written, the product can also be reviewed.

It is possible to send the product review request on a different day.

Review thank-you page Review thank-you page

Review thank-you page

On the "Review thank-you page", you can also add a discount code that can be used for their next purchase. The consumer has the option to add their name and city to the review.

Fast and easy integration:
That’s how Trusted Shops works for your shop.

You can integrate the Trusted Shops Trustmark with Buyer Protection into many e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks. Our Trustbadge® makes it easy!

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