The Smart Review Assistant

Do you want to save time when replying to your online shop's customer reviews?
Your ability to consistently respond to all kinds of reviews reflects on your brand, but this task takes up a lot of time and money. 

With the Smart Review Replies feature, you can use artificial intelligence to generate a customised response to any review you receive with a simple mouse click. All you have to do is confirm the response before publishing it.

The Intelligent Summary allows you to automatically reduce long review texts to just a few key points in order to give you a quicker overview of the customer’s feedback.

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Save time

Cut down on the time-consuming task of reviews management. Generate unique and relevant replies automatically and summarise long reviews into shorter, concise overviews.

Reduce costs

Being able to manage a larger number of customer reviews in a shorter amount of time will allow you to save money on personnel costs and focus your resources on other tasks.

Improve quality

Thanks to artificial intelligence, every auto-generated reply fits the corresponding customer review perfectly - if you want to add a personal touch, you can adjust the texts manually.

3 easy steps to reply to reviews

smart review assistant - step 1 smart review assistant - step 1 smart review assistant - step 1

1. Generate response

In your eTrusted account, go to the service or product review you want to post a response to. Then, press the “Create reply” button. A uniquely tailored response now appears for you to approve. You will also receive a bullet point version of the customer text that includes the most essential content.

2. Post a comment

If you want to make changes before publishing, you can easily make manual changes to the text. Once you’re happy with the text, click “Publish reply”.

smart review assistant - step 2 smart review assistant - step 2 smart review assistant - step 2
smart review assistant - step 3 smart review assistant - step 3 smart review assistant - step 3

3. Your answer will appear in the shop profile

After publication, your response to the review will appear in your shop profile. Customers can now read your replies and learn about your excellent customer service.

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Bergzeit case study

Want to read about a client's experience with the Smart Review Assistant?
Bergzeit saved 50% of their time spent on reviews!

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