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Optimising the Checkout Process

Stop losing potential customers during the checkout process. We've got 10 tips to reduce cart abandonment for you.

Crisis Checklist

The economic crisis is affecting us all. Download our checklist to help guide you through these tough times and continue growing your online shop.

Trusted Shops Product Overview

Trusted Shops is more than just reviews. Learn how our trust solutions can help your online shop sell more.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

We've prepared a step-by-step guide to getting started and making the most out of your Google Ads.

Medpets: A Case Study

There's nothing quite like an A/B test provide real insights. See how Trusted Shops' trust elements affected the Medpets online shop. 

How to Improve Sales by Building Trust

We've gathered some tips for shop owners on the different ways they can build trustworthiness for their online shop. More trust = more sales!

The Perfect Product Images Checklist

Good product images can make or break a sale. Make sure you download our checklist to make sure you've got everything covered!

Successfully Manage Trusted Shops Product Reviews

Learn about Trusted Shops Product Reviews and how they can really benefit your business.

21 Tips for Selling on Instagram

Instagram is a great way to engage with your audience and build loyalty. Here are 21 tips for selling on Instagram!

5 Ways to Generate More Product Reviews

Showing off reviews is great, but how do you collect reviews? Here are 5 tips for motivating your customers to write a review for your shop.

9 Ways to Win Customer Trust

We've put together a checklist with 9 tips on winning over customer trust!

Why Are My Google Ads Stars Not Being Displayed?

Trying to display your star-ratings in Google Ads, but something is wrong? Check out our poster to figure out what the problem is.

The Google Business Profile Guide

Register your Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business) to make sure that your shop's listing in the search results is up to date and informative.

The Perfect Google Ads Checklist

An effective Google Ad can drive lots of traffic to your online shop. Learn how to make the perfect Google ad with our checklist!

Sharing Trusted Shops Reviews on Social Media

Sharing your best customer reviews on social media in a stylish way is easy with Trusted Shops!

European Holidays Marketing Calendar

Different markets, different holidays. Get an overview of the major European holidays with our free calendar!

How to use Reviews with your Social Media Marketing

Reviews can be used in your social media channels to boost trustworthiness in your business. Learn about the best methods to do this right!

7 Tips for Social Media Ads that Generate Sales

What separates great social media ads from ordinary ones? Check out our whitepaper!

Google Shopping Part 2: Optimisation

Make the most out of Google Shopping and learn how to optimise your ads to boost your sales.

7 Questions to Ask about Trustmarks

Do you know what a trustmark is? Learn what questions to ask in order to learn what makes a trustmark unique and powerful!

The Trusted Shops Trustmark: The Quality Criteria

Want to learn how to get the Trusted Shops Trustmark in your online shop? Learn about our auditing process so you can start building more trust with your shop's visitors!

How Product Descriptions Can Lead to More Sales

Here are 9 tips for improving sales by working on your product descriptions.

Email Checklist

Are your emails doing what you want them to? Make sure your emails "check all the boxes" with our email checklist!

E-commerce Market Analysis: Nordics (2021)

What makes the Nordic region unique in the world of e-commerce? Read about Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland!

Decathlon: A Case Study

How did Decathlon benefit from the Trusted Shops Reputation Manager? Check out this case study to read all about it!

Manage Your Online Reputation

Having a good online reputation is only valuable if it is consistent across the internet. Learn about what you can do to make sure your shop is seen fairly throughout the web!

E-commerce Market Analysis: UK (2021)

Updated: 2021! The UK is a very unique e-commerce market. Learn about what makes it so interesting and what you need to know in order to see success there. 

SEO for Online Shops: 7 Tips to Increase Sales

These days, it's difficult for online shops to achieve success without SEO. We're sharing 7 tips for you to improve your online shop's SEO!

9-steps for Stronger Mobile SEO

Not only is your site's mobile responsiveness an official Google ranking factor,  but it’s crucial to the overall user experience on your website! Check out our 9-step guide to improving your shop's mobile experience. 

Benefit from User-generated Content

User-generated content is the modern version of word-of-mouth advertising (the most powerful form of advertising)! Learn how to use it to your shop's advantage!

Time Management

Not enough hours in the day? Check out our free whitepaper to get more out of your worktime!

Google Shopping: A Step-by-step Guide

Google Shopping can bring your company huge benefits! Getting started, however, is a bit more complicated than Google Ads. Let us help!

Starting an Online Shop: A Beginner's Guide

Starting an online shop? Our checklist (based on the longer blog article) will help guide you through the most important steps of running a successful online shop. 

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Star-Ratings throughout Google

Google stars are everywhere! Learn how to get them on Google Maps, Google Shopping and the SERPs (and more!)!

How to Manage Your Online Shop Despite the Coronavirus

It is no longer business as usual. What should you, as an online shop owner, be doing differently? Download our checklist to find out!

E-commerce Market Analysis: France

France represents 10% of European e-commerce revenues! Are you aware of the market's unique qualities? Learn more about doing business in France with our free market analysis!

Millésima: A Case Study

Learn how Trusted Shops products helped Millésima improve many aspects of their business, from conversion rates to logistics.

E-commerce Market Analysis: Netherlands

The Dutch e-commerce market is alive and well! What are the unique qualities of this "small" but mature market?

E-commerce Market Analysis: Italy

The Italian e-commerce market is growing after years of lagging behind its European neighbours!

The Ultimate Instagram Guide for Online Shops

Instagram is a great tool for most businesses. We've created the ultimate guide for making the most out of business's Instagram account.

E-commerce Market Analysis: Spain

The Spanish market is growing every day. Check out everything you need to know if you want to expand your business into Spain.

Structured Data

"Marking up" your website's data is important to getting discovered in search engines. Get a great overview on the topic with our poster!

The Guideline to SEO Stars

Getting your star-ratings to appear in Google organic results can help boost traffic to your online shop immensely. Learn about what you can do to get those stars shining bright with our whitepaper!

The Guideline to SEA stars

If you do search engine advertising (SEA), showing off your star-ratings can give your ad performance a nice boost! Get the most out of your marketing budget and learn about SEA star-ratings with our whitepaper!

Using Keywords to Improve SEO & SEA

Which tools and strategies can you use to improve your shop's SEO and SEA? Check out our whitepaper for some great tips!

Introduction to SEO & SEA

If you don't know much about SEO or SEA, it's best to start from the beginning. Download this free whitepaper to get started!

Increasing the Conversion Rates of Your Online Shop

Learn how to calculate different conversion rates and get some tips on how to boost those numbers with our free whitepaper!

Conversion Rate Tips for Mobile Designs

As mobile shopping becomes more and more popular every year, it's imperative for your shop to be mobile-friendly. Get tips for optimising your mobile design in our free whitepaper!

Why Your Online Shop Needs Product Reviews

We all know potential customers read product reviews for their purchase decisions. What other benefits can product reviews bring your online shop?

Increase Your Social Media Click-through Rates

Drive traffic to your online shop with a good social media campaign. Learn about organic and paid posts!

Get Your Star Rating into Google Search Results

Get an overview of how to get your star-ratings into Google search results, whether it is organically, with Google Ads, or Google Shopping!

14 Common Mistakes in the Design of Your Online Shop

Which simple design mistakes are costing you customers? Check out our whitepaper and optimise your online shop!

E-commerce Market Analysis: Germany

What makes the German market unique? Download our whitepaper for insights!

The New German Packaging Law

As of 1 January 2019, the new German Packaging Regulations have come into force. If you want to continue selling in Germany, make sure you know what has changed!

The Ultimate SEO Ranking Checklist

What are the most important factors for improving your search engine rankings? Download our checklist!

The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Online Shops

Avoid these common mistakes for your online shop.

The Ultimate Events Checklist

Whether it's your first industry event or your 30th, our events checklist will help you get organised. Check out our free checklist so you'll get the most out your next event!

Elements of a Successful Landing Page

What goes into making the perfect landing page? We've created a checklist to help you boost conversions!

The Ultimate Christmas Checklist

A checklist of to-dos for online retailers in preparation of the Christmas sales season.

How to React to Negative Reviews

It's almost impossible to get 5-star ratings all the time. The key is how you react to the negative ones. Do it right and your customer service team looks fantastic.

Building Trust for Successful B2B Relationships

B2B sales isn't what it was just a few years ago. Read about how to build trust in order to create successful B2B relationships.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Advertising on Facebook is great, but if your shop has a large selection of products, you should definitely consider using Facebook Dynamic Ads!

Soletrader Case Study

Read about how Soletrader used the Trustbadge, including the trustmark and customer reviews to increase conversion rates by 30%.

The Perfect Product Video

It's no secret that video is taking over the internet. Does your online shop have product videos to give your shoppers an in-depth look at what you have to offer?

The Perfect Product Page

What elements make up the perfect product page? Check out our whitepaper, which includes a detailed diagram that lays it all out for you.

How to Use YouTube for Your Online Shop

From self-made videos to advertisements, get an overview of how businesses can use YouTube to grow.

GDPR Checklist

The deadline has passed, but are you GDPR compliant? Check out our in-depth GDPR checklist!

5 Growth Hacks for Online Shops

Check out a few easy-to-implement growth hacks for your online shop!

FAQs for the GDPR

The GDPR deadline is coming. Is your business prepared? In this whitepaper, we've tackled some of the most frequently asked questions for the new GDPR regulations.

Use Your Marketplace Shop to Boost Sales for Your Website

Selling on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay can bring plenty of extra income. Learn how marketplaces can actually help boost sales on your website.

The Ultimate Facebook Guide

Facebook can be a great way to win over new customers. Learn how to use Facebook to market your business.

Product Page SEO Checklist

We've provided a checklist to help you optimise your product pages so they show up higher in search results.

Building Loyalty through Customer Engagement

Learn how to build loyalty with your customers by staying engaged with them online and offline.

Localise Your Website for International Markets

If you want to sell abroad, here is a guideline for localising your website.

Abmahnung: The German Legal Warning You Want to Avoid

Doing business in Germany? You should be aware of "Abmahnungen" and what to do if you get one!

E-mail Marketing Terms

Do you know what A/B tests are? Churn rate? Learn what the most important terms in e-mail marketing mean with our whitepaper.

CRM Terms

Learn about the most important terms in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Google Ads Extensions Poster

Learn about the different manual and automatic ad extensions that you can use in Google Ads to increase your ads' clickrates.

How to Optimise Your Shop's Internal Links

It's better for your customers and it's better for your SEO. Get some great tips on improving internal links on your website.

8 Content Forms to Increase Your Sales

Content marketing has become standard for any online business. Here are 8 different forms of content that can help you increase sales.

Optimising Logistics for E‑commerce Businesses

Learn how to improve logisitics, inventory, and delivery systems to stay as efficient as possible.

What You Should Know About Trusted Shops Reviews

We've created an infographic to show you some of the most interesting insights we've discovered about our reviews.

ROPO or Showrooming: Target Customers Correctly

When do customers research online and purchase offline... and why is it sometimes the other way around?

The Most Annoying Things in Mobile Online Shops

Some "Dos and Don'ts" to keep in mind for your website and how it performs on mobile devices.

Test Your Responsive Design

Shopping is done "on the go" more and more every year. Get the most out of your mobile design.

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