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For this customer story, we spoke with Elles van Leeuwen, E‑commerce Manager at Lucardi. Read about:

Trustbadge on Lucardi homepage Trustbadge on Lucardi homepage Trustbadge on Lucardi homepage

A diamond on the high street

Lucardi was founded in 1988 and has since grown into the largest jewelry chain in the Netherlands. With over 100 physical shops throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, shoppers in the Benelux region are never far away from a Lucardi shop.

In addition to their strong presence on the high streets of the Netherlands, Lucardi also has online shops for the Dutch, Belgian, and German markets. With their wide range of products, they have products for every person and every occassion.

To go along with their great success, Lucardi took the next steps towards becoming a socially responsible brand by signing the ICSR agreement in 2017 to ensure their compliance with international legislation and standards. 

Building trust online to boost sales

With their successful shops across the Netherlands, not only did Lucardi look to expand into neighboring countries, but they aimed to do this with their online shops. 

Their physical shops have always strived to bring a unique customer experience to jewelry shopping. With jewelry and watches displayed in a way that allows shoppers to touch and feel their products, the shopping experience at a Lucardi shop has been considered clear and customer-friendly. On top of that, an expert is always on hand to answer any questions for potential customers.

This physical experience is difficult to mimic in the digital world. Lucardi's challenge was to boost conversions in their online shops by creating a safe, trustworthy, and smooth shopping experience. 

A/B testing the Trusted Shops Trustbadge®


Maintaining the brand image they've created in their physical shops was no easy task. Building trust online was going to play a key role for a jewelry brand to see success online.

That is precisely why Lucardi partnered together with Trusted Shops to implement their trust solutions into their online shop.

The Trusted Shops Trustbadge® was the perfect tool to get the job done. The Trustbadge is a widget that gives users access to service reviews and information on the Trustmark and the 30-day Buyer Protection. 

With the Trustbadge placed throughout the website, potential customers are always just a simple click away from learning about the Lucardi's reputation and protections for their customers. Elles van Leeuwen, E-commerce Manager at Lucardi was more than convinced:

"We tested the effect of the Trustbadge and the result was just great! I’m totally convinced of the impact of the Trustmark and the review system. That’s why we show the Trustbadge on all pages of our online shops."

With the high visibility and easy access to the Trustmark, users on Lucardi's website are able to see that they are dealing with a trustworthy site. Clicking on the Trustbadge reveals that Lucardi has qualified for the Trustmark, Trusted Shops' hallmark product. This Trustmark certification is awarded to shops that pass the Trusted Shops audit, which is based on EU regulations.

wouter-wensingWorking together with the audit team means a dedicated specialist helps shop owners become compliant.

The Trustmark gets its strength from the 30-day Buyer Protection, which insures purchases of up to €20,000*. When jewelry shopping, this can give shoppers the peace of mind they need to complete their purchase.  

Of course, a shop's reputation shouldn't solely depend on a third-party certification. As sure as Trusted Shops is about their Trustmark, we know that feedback from real customers is immensely important to other shoppers. That is why collecting customer reviews is vital to any business and maintaining a minimum rating is necessary in order to display the Trustmark.

To be sure of the impact of Trusted Shops' solutions, Lucardi worked together with e-commerce provider, ISM eCompany, to run some A/B tests. Wouter Wensing, Team Lead Conversion & Webanalytics at ISM eCompany, shares his findings:

"In the framework of an A/B test, we could observe a significant increase in conversions by 6.8% with the Trustbadge. We therefore recommend that the Trustbadge be displayed throughout the online shop.".

The A/B tests also revealed that the effect of the Trustbadge improved at least two other major KPIs:

Firstly, shopping baskets above €50 increased by 17%. It goes without saying that this is provided a substantial boost to their business. 

Secondly, the reputation boost led to a boost in traffic as well. Collecting more customer reviews can help boost a site's ranking in search engines. This was apparently the case with Lucardi as they saw an 11% increase in new visitors since implementing the Trustbadge on their site. 

*All purchases under €100 are covered for free. For bigger purchases, shoppers must opt into the Buyer Protection for an extra fee.

Want to read about Lucardi's success in our downloadable PDF? Check out the full case study by clicking on the link below:

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