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+7.3% increase in
average basket value

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+5% increase in conversion rate

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42% increase in conversions

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Who is Millésima?

It all began in 1928 when Lucien Bernard founded his wine merchant company.

Creating a company focused on respect for consumers, products, and producers: this was Lucien Bernard’s concept from the beginning. A concept that has remained well-anchored in the values of the company.

In 1983, Lucien’s grandson, Patrick Bernard, diversified the company's activities by shifting the company's activities to a B2C model and founded the company known today as Millésima. After capitalising on the trend of mail-order sales, in 1997, Patrick Bernard launched the first Millésima website. 

Today, Fabrice Bernard, great-grandson of Lucien Bernard and son of Patrick Bernard, is at the head of the family business. With him, a true family tradition continues: a clear vision of the business challenges of tomorrow!

millesima website


Building trust on new platforms & in new markets

Patrick Bernard has had to challenge the industry many times. Challenging traditions means having to convince the largest châteaux in Bordeaux of a new business model. It also means convincing consumers of buying wine in non-traditional ways, whether it was mail-order sales in the 80s or over the internet in the 90s and 00s.

Challenging any industry means taking risks, but it also involves building trust. As they continued their quest to conquer the wine world, building trust has always been a core value throughout their journey. Thus, the partnership with Trusted Shops was a perfect fit. 

Ingrid Miossec, Marketing Manager for Millésima tells us, 

"The quality of Trusted Shops products, the ease of integration, and the professionalism of their experts, who are readily available and multilingual, convinced us to sign up for both Customer Reviews and the Trustmark in all our markets."

The Trustbadge technology is used to display the Trusted Shops Trustmark (in available markets) as well as the average customer rating. The Trustmark and Service Reviews are displayed on the French domain, as well as in Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy. Service Reviews are collected in additional markets including the US, Ireland, Portugal, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

One immediate effect of the Trustbadge was a boost in the average basket value. Millésima reported a +7.3% increase in the average basket value since implementing the Trustbadge.

millesima's international trustbadges

* rating as of 15 Aug 2019

The Trusted Shops solutions

42% increase in conversions with the Trustmark

To go along with customer reviews, Millésima opted for the Trusted Shops Trustmark.

The Trustmark is obtained after an analysis and confirmation process by Trusted Shops experts, who look at a certain number of quality criteria. After this audit, Millésima can offer its customers a 30-day Buyer Protection.

"The Trustmark gives our customers the assurance that our site is 100% reliable, and the Buyer Protection acts as a real element of trust."

-Ingrid Miossec, Marketing Manager at Millésima

The criteria for obtaining a certificate are based on consumer law, data protection (GDPR) and everything else that is essential to buying safely on the internet.

By obtaining the Trustmark, Millésima can benefit even more from the Trusted Shops Trustbadge, a customisable and discreet inset that attests to the quality of the shop’s services and the quality of its online shop.

millesima homepage

Millésima has opted for a custom integration varying slightly across their different domains with ratings usually displayed in the navigation and the Trustmark with Buyer Protection linked in the footer.

+5% conversions from Customer Reviews & more!

Opting for verified and authentic customer reviews means providing social proof to your visitors. This is all the more necessary in a digital world where consumer interactions have become the norm.

According to Millésima, since collecting and displaying Service Reviews with Trusted Shops, they have seen their conversion rates increase by +5%. 

However, the benefits don't end there. Customer feedback does more than provide social proof. For companies that care about customer satisfaction and a satisfying user-experience, customer reviews can help improve many process, from customer service to logistics and packaging. 

Millésima was able to benefit all of these internal processes and more in order to improve the user experience. With an optimised experience, they could boost their service ratings even more. Ingrid tells us,

"Today, it is no longer enough to treat complaints. It is necessary to transform them into opportunities. With these opportunities, we have made it possible to significantly develop our sales."

customer reviews on homepage

If you want to read the full story of how Millésima benefitted from Trusted Shops and our trust solutions, download the case study here for free. You'll learn about their improvements to business strategies, logistics, packaging, customer service, and even HR thanks to Trusted Shops Customer Reviews!

Millésima case study PDF


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