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An 80 million turnover - their secret to success

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Exports to
>120 countries

14 countries

Year founded

Bordeaux, FR

Trusted Shops member
since 2016

Millésima's great challenge: creating a relationship of trust

In 1983, Millésima had to overcome the challenge of demonstrating the validity and viability of mail-order wine sales. By 1997, their challenge grew with the launch of Millésima’s first website. Reassuring consumers that online purchases were reliable proved successful. However, to achieve their full e-commerce potential, Millésima sought to reach more markets by building trust in their brand.



Building trust with the Trusted Shops Trustbadge®

Their goal to gain more trust was essential because of their high average basket values. In 2016, Millésima began their collaboration with Trusted Shops and signed up to display customer reviews, along with the Trusted Shops Trustmark. The Trustbadge® allows brands to display various trust elements throughout their website. 

Increase in the value of the average basket
Increased conversion rate as a result of customer reviews
Increased conversion rate as a result of the Trustbadge
"The Trustmark gives our customers the assurance that our site is 100% reliable, and the Buyer Protection acts as a real element of trust."
Ingrid Miossec, Marketing Manager for Millésima.
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