More attention

Stars in your Google Ads are a real eye-catcher and encourage visitors to buy.

More clicks

Higher attention leads to more visitors in your online shop and thus to more clientele.

Lower costs

Google Ads rates a high click-through rate positively. This improves your quality factor and reduces the price per click.

Use your stars in Google now
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How it works

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1. Book Google integration

In your Trusted Shops Upgrade Centre, you can easily book Google integration for the URL(s) for which you want to submit reviews to the search engine.

To display star ratings in Google Ads, you also need an account with the search engine operator. Find out how to set it up and how Google Ads work here.

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2. Reviews are transmitted automatically

As soon as you have collected more than 100 reviews and your average rating is above 3.5 out of 5 stars, your reviews will automatically appear in your shop's Google Shopping Profile. We transmit your reviews to Google on a daily basis, however, it takes 3-6 weeks for them to be published by Google.

For product reviews: As soon as you have received 50 reviews across all items, Google publishes your reviews in the paid product ads and in Google Shopping.

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3. Reviews appear in the Google Shopping profile

In order to view the reviews in your Google Shopping Profile, simply put the URL of your online shop in the following link (without "www", for example ""):

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The result: You have a visitor!

With the Trustmark and customer reviews, you give your clientele another reason to shop with you - congratulations!

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Use your stars in Google now
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These features suit your online shop

In addition to our review system and the Trustmark, there are, of course, other Trusted Shops products you can use to help your shop progress.

product_reviews product_reviews product_reviews

Product reviews

Display collected product reviews in your online shop and on Google Shopping - for more traffic, more conversion and fewer returns.

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Zendesk Plugin

Manage your reviews with our eTrusted Smart Integration for Zendesk from the very place you communicate with your customers every day – your familiar ticket system.

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icon-DigitalReputation icon-DigitalReputation icon-DigitalReputation

Reputation Manager

Improve your reviews on other important platforms (Trustpilot, Google My Business) in addition to Trusted Shops - centrally managed, easily configured and fully automated.

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