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Product Update: Product Review Invites with the Review Collector

17.05.2022, 2m

Reviews tell a story. A story about a shop’s services, products and reputation as a whole. Not only are reviews significant to consumers looking to inform themselves more about an online shop and the goods on offer, but they also contribute to a retailer’s overall development.


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Product reviews, in particular, are key to higher conversion, lower return rates, and overall customer satisfaction. Having access to the insights left behind by previous customers is valuable in guiding gratifying purchasing decisions.

As a means of enabling shops to collect more reviews from the outset of their membership, Trusted Shops introduced the Review Collector. In its first phase, the Review Collector was a tool through which retailers could manually send out service review invites to their customers.

In this product update, we are happy to present to you our updated Review Collector. With the updated Review Collector, shops can now manually send out both service and product review invites to their customers.

What is the Review Collector?

The Review Collector allows shops to manually send their customers review invites. This tool can be leveraged by shops from the very start of their Trusted Shops membership. Whilst going through the necessary technical integrations, retailers can already begin collecting reviews for their online shops.

With the Review Collector, retailers can ask their regular customers to review past orders and quickly collect their shop’s first few reviews. To do so, shops upload a CSV file containing customer data - including email addresses, order reference numbers, and first and last names - to the eTrusted platform.

It is important to note that retailers should obtain their customers’ consent prior to collecting and using their data.

The Review Collector for Product Reviews

Along with service reviews, shops now also have the option to manually send out product review invites to their customers with the updated Review Collector. To use the Review Collector for Product Reviews, retailers must have Trusted Shops’ Product Reviews booked.

The updated Review Collector functions in much of the same way as it had previously. The only change is that retailers can include product data – such as transaction dates, product names, product SKUs, and product URLs - alongside their customer data in the uploaded CSV file. Product data only needs to be included if the shop is looking to collect product reviews.

Additionally, the Review Collector has been enriched with a new user interface. In this interface, the previously available CSV template for retailers to download and fill now includes the categories necessary for collecting product reviews.

Additional Information

For further information on manually inviting customers for reviews with the Review Collector, you can visit this article.

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