New Google Tool: Rising Retail Categories

02.07.2020, 3m

Google has developed a new tool to identify customers’ needs in online retail. With this tool, online shops can stay up to date with the needs of their customers, even after the corona crisis. Keep reading and learn more about this new tool!

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, shopping habits of customers have changed drastically.

Online shopping has increased significantly (with differences in the various sectors). More and more customers prefer buying items online and getting them shipped to their home or collecting them at local shops.

Now that corona restrictions are starting to ease up, these shopping preferences might change once again. For this reason, Google has developed the new tool called "Rising Retail Categories".

This tool compiles products that are being searched in Google the most within a branch or an online shop.

This is the first time that Google has made this type of information publicly accessible.

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What is this new tool about?

In a nutshell: The new Google tool Rising Retail Categories provides an overview of keywords that consumers enter when searching for specific products online.


A look at the new Google tool. On the left, the trending categories. On the right, the related search terms.

“Since COVID-19 began, we’ve heard from our retail and brand manufacturing partners that they’re hungry for more insights on how consumer interests are changing, given fluctuations in consumer demand”, Google says on its blog

The tool is free and the data is updated on a daily basis. 


With the provided data, retailers can...

  • advertise products or services users have searched the most

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How does Google Rising Retail Categories it work?

In a way, Google's new tool is similar to Google Trends, as it shows changes in rapidly growing search interests.

The difference, however, is that Google Trends is only a useful data source if you already know what specific product categories you want to take a closer look at.

Rising Retail Categories, on the other hand, allows you to keep up with the latest trends in specific product categories.

And here’s how it works:

  1. Open the Think with Google webpage.
  2. Select a country.
  3. Select the period. You can choose whether you want to see last week's, last month's, or last year's results.
  4. Click the category you're interested in to discover related searches.

The displayed percentage indicates the increase in popularity of a category during the selected time period. That’s how you can compare the current week, month or year with the previous one.

The values range from 0 (low search volume) to 100 (high search volume). If the search indicates "successful", it means that the category has registered a search growth of more than 1,000% in the selected country and time frame.

Initially, only data for Australia, the US and the United Kingdom was made available; later, other countries such as Brazil, France, and Italy were added.

That is why Google Rising Retail Categories is also a great tool to get to know different markets and see where you can expand your business to.

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This article was originally posted on our Italian blog.