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      How E-commerce Businesses Can Make Useful ChatGPT Prompts

      ChatGPT has become a very useful tool for e-commerce businesses. We'll walk you through the steps of making useful prompts to get the most out of the tool.

      4min. read  |  24/04/24

      How to Create a Suitable Pricing Model for a Business

      Determining a pricing model for your business can be a challenge. Let's take a closer look at pricing models and how to find the one that serves you best.

      5min. read  |  10/04/24

      How to Calculate and Boost Your Conversion Rates

      Conversion rate optimisation is a central topic for shop owners and e-commerce businesses. Learn how to calculate and boost those conversion rates!

      6min. read  |  27/03/24

      Shopify to Remove Product Reviews App in May 2024

      As of 6 May 2024, the Product Reviews app will be removed from Shopify. Shop owners will need to migrate to a new reviews provider before the deadline.

      2min. read  |  13/03/24

      Rich Snippets: How to Stand Out in Google Search Results

      Rich snippets can be a great way to help you climb Google search rankings. Learn about rich snippets and how to implement them with structured data.

      6min. read  |  06/03/24

      How Online Shops Can Benefit from Great Unboxing Experiences

      Unboxing experiences can boost customer retention while also improving your marketing efforts. Learn more about optimising the unboxing experience.

      5min. read  |  28/02/24

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