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      What Is Trusted Shops and How Can It Benefit My Business?

      Have you ever wondered what differentiates Trusted Shops from other 'trust solutions' providers. Trusted Shops is more than just a reviews platform.

      7 min. read  |  22/11/23
      Trust, E-commerce

      How to Handle Negative Online Reviews | Trusted Shops

      Negative customer reviews are ideally avoided, but also inevitable. How you deal with these bad reviews will have an impact on your reputation and sales.

      10 min. read  |  11/10/23
      Trust, E-commerce

      How to Collect Video Testimonials from Your Customers...

      Collecting video testimonials can bring a lot of benefits to your business. Today, we'll look at three tips for collecting customer video reviews.

      7 min. read  |  04/10/23
      Trust, E-commerce

      Why Do Online Shops Pay for a Review Platform?

      Reviews are the social proof that your online shop is trustworthy. With so many free options out there, why do online shops pay for a reviews platform?

      8 min. read  |  06/09/23
      Trust, E-commerce

      How Fulfillment Impacts Brand Reputation & Trust in E‑commerce

      Explore how excellent fulfilment boosts e-commerce trust and brand reputation with key insights from byrd, a leading fulfilment provider.

      12 min. read  |  02/08/23
      Trust, E-commerce

      7 Tips for Improving the Customer Service of Your Online Shop

      In this article, you'll learn what you need to know about customer service in e-commerce and how to efficiently improve the one in your online shop.

      8 min. read  |  19/07/23

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