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      See What Your Customers Think: The Trusted Shops Sentiment...

      Understanding and using customer feedback is important for any business. The Trusted Shops Sentiment Analysis helps you optimise the customer journey.

      2min. read  |  21/05/24

      How to Get Star Ratings to Appear in the Google Search Results

      Star ratings throughout Google's search results help build trust between shoppers and online shops. Learn how to get them to appear for your business.

      5min. read  |  01/05/24

      Shopify to Remove Product Reviews App in May 2024

      As of 6 May 2024, the Product Reviews app will be removed from Shopify. Shop owners will need to migrate to a new reviews provider before the deadline.

      2min. read  |  13/03/24

      What is Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)?

      What’s an NPS score? How do you calculate it? And what can you learn from it? Keep reading to find out the answers to all these questions!

      4min. read  |  14/02/24

      What Is Trusted Shops and How Can It Benefit My Business?

      Have you ever wondered what differentiates Trusted Shops from other 'trust solutions' providers. Trusted Shops is more than just a reviews platform.

      6min. read  |  22/11/23

      How to Handle Negative Online Reviews

      Negative customer reviews are ideally avoided, but also inevitable. How you deal with these bad reviews will have an impact on your reputation and sales.

      7min. read  |  11/10/23

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