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Product Update: New Reviews Straight to your Inbox

09.06.2022, 3m

The good, the bad and the ugly. Customer reviews can vary greatly from one another. This makes staying up to date with new reviews essential. Whether these are reviews showcasing great customer satisfaction or surprisingly negative ones, this form of user-generated content is incredibly valuable in demonstrating a brand’s quality.

Visitors to an online shop use reviews to determine said shop’s trustworthiness and to help them make informed buying decisions. However, if a consumer visits a shop’s review section and discovers that both negative and positive reviews are left unanswered, they might assume that the brand is uninterested in its customers’ feedback.

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Why is it important to reply to reviews?

Nobody wants to feel ignored… By leaving reviews unanswered, customers might be less inclined to submit reviews themselves. A lower number of reviews would result in poor brand credibility. Poor brand credibility would lead to low conversion rates. Ultimately, retailers that do not reply to reviews risk facing low conversion rates.

To help our members keep track of their incoming reviews and to facilitate their interaction with those reviews, Trusted Shops developed a new feature on eTrusted: email notifications for new reviews. Notifications for incoming reviews are an asset to retailers who want to monitor, and promptly reply to, their customers’  feedback.

Email notifications for new reviews

How it works

This new feature is available on eTrusted to all Trusted Shops members. Found in the user settings of the eTrusted Control Centre, retailers have to actively subscribe to email notifications. Notifications can also be configured based on the reviews’ star ratings. For example, members can activate notifications for 1- and 2-star reviews, 3-star reviews, and/or 4- and 5-star reviews.

user settings email notifications

What is included in the notification email?

Every time a customer submits a service or product review, a notification email – based on the previously set configuration on eTrusted- will be sent to the email address used to log in to eTrusted. Within the notification, members can see the full review and its title, whether it is a service or product review, the star rating, a direct link to the review on eTrusted, among others.

How is this feature beneficial?

After activating this feature, members will be notified of new reviews in real time and stay up to date with the latest customer reviews. In this way, they will be able to immediately react to feedback. This is especially valuable when it comes to negative reviews. By being prompt in their replies to bad reviews, retailers can quickly clear up any issues faced by customers and demonstrate attentiveness.

Another advantage to this feature is that members can choose which reviews to be notified of. If a retailer is more interested in swiftly replying to negative reviews, they can activate the 1- and 2-star review notifications. Should retailers want notifications for all reviews, they can simply activate all star categories. Therefore, the feature can be personalized to one’s needs.

Related Trusted Shops features

The Trusted Shops mobile app is another tool through which online shops can keep track of and reply to reviews. With the app, Trusted Shops members can receive push notifications about negative reviews, reply to customer feedback and share reviews to social media. Alongside the email notifications feature, the eTrusted mobile app can be used to view and manage reviews on the go.

For more information on using the eTrusted app, you can browse through this article.


If you would like additional information on email notifications, or would like to learn more about Trusted Shops products, please feel free to contact us here.