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Use These Free Ad Extensions for Better PPC

10.11.2016, 1m

Ad extensions are extra bits and pieces of information that are appended to your PPC ads to provide more information to the users to generate enough curiosity in them to click on your ad. These extensions give your ads more prominence and hence more "real estate" on the Google search results pages.

What are the benefits of these ad extensions?

According to Google, these ad extensions have the following two main benefits:

1. More visibility: These ads take up more space on the result pages, provide additional links and information for the users.

2. More Clicks: As these ads provide more information, there is a clear competiive advantage for you when compared to other ads on the page that do not use extensions, or use it improperly.

3. More Interactions: These ads allow you the opportunity to interact directly with the ad on Google. For example, your potential customers could directly make a phone call or go to a deeper link on you website straight from the PPC ad, hence making it easier for your customers to reach your business.

google puzzle Aleksey

Are there additional costs involved?

No. Ad extensions are completely free to use. You will be charged the same cost per click as your ad before. In fact, Ad extensions can target the right users and hence in the end be more effective in bringing you relevant traffic and thus reducing you cost per acquisition in the process.

So what are you waiting for, download the poster below and start using the ad extensions today.

Google Ads Extensions poster