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How to Collect Trusted Shops Reviews Properly

26.08.2016, 5m


Improving trust to increase sales is actually the goal of every online shop owner who wants to develop their business. But it’s not really easy to find a fast, secure and efficient solution to problems when you don’t know who to talk to. Trusted Shops reviews were precisely created to meet your expectations regarding customer trust and to increase your conversion rate. In this article, you will find multiple options to collect customer reviews through Trusted Shops solutions.

Trusted Shops tools

Trusted shops offers you several secure tools to collect your customer reviews. Here is an overview of all the solutions you can use to collect your reviews easily:

  • The Trustbadge®: the recommended full integration of the Trustbadge® offers many benefits. The integration of the Trustbadge® into your order confirmation page enables you to automatically collect reviews which always contain the order reference. Additionally, the dispatch date of the review e-mails can be optimally scheduled.

  • The Review Collector: upload your order data and send review requests to your customers by e-mail in just a few clicks. This is particularly suitable for asking customers to review the purchases they have made over the last weeks. Click here to see how it works.

  • Review buttons: you can display our review buttons directly on your website or in your e-mails. The buttons enable you to ask your customers for a review either immediately or at a later date. And always with an order reference number! If you have any questions about integration, please contact us.

  • APIs: do you want maximum flexibility? Then use our interfaces, the APIs. You are thus able to send review e-mails directly from your CRM system. Contact us by e-mail if you have any questions about our APIs.

A big advantage for online shops

  • More turnover: a high number of reviews has a positive effect on your conversion rate. When visitors turn into buyers, your turnover increases.

  • More traffic: in Google Shopping and price comparison portals, both the overall rating and the number of reviews are decisive for more clicks on your online shop.

  • Better overall rating: the more reviews you collect, the weaker the effect is of individual negative reviews on your average overall rating.

  • Better feedback: with each new review, you become more familiar with the requirements of your customers.

  • More customer loyalty: customers leaving a review have spent time in your online shop and will probably soon purchase again from you.

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Send review e-mails individually

The Review Collector is a popular tool enabling you to ask your customers for a review by e-mail in just a few clicks. With the API Review Collector, you save several work stages whilst benefitting from further advantages, e.g. in addition to shop reviews, you can also collect product reviews.

The Review Collector is a high-conversion-rate feature for asking your customers to review past orders by e-mail. Using it is extremely simple. Log in to your personal My Trusted Shops account, upload the order details as an Excel or a CSV file, select a template, and send the review request.


Do it automatically

To be legally safeguarded when automatically collecting reviews, you need your customers to give you their consent before their order data is transferred to Trusted Shops and before they receive review e-mails. You can obtain their consent by using a checkbox they must compulsorily tick before completing the order.

Without the consent of your customers, you run the risk of incurring financial penalties in the German market. Hence, even though automatic review e-mails are increasingly considered to be standard by all review systems providers, the automatic collection for the German market is not preset. You, as a shop operator, decide whether to use this function or the other  available options for collecting reviews.

If you do not want to activate the automatic collection, you can also receive reviews using the Trustbadge®. In this case, it is customers themselves who enter the Trustcard to get a review e-mail after completing the order. You thus obtain reviews with no legal risk. However, you will receive fewer reviews in relation to the orders than with the automatic collection.

The best time to send a review request e-mail

On Monday morning at nine o'clock, you are more likely to be thinking about your second cup of coffee than the first review of the day. However, our statistics show that most users review at this time of the day. Clearly, though, not every customer fits the statistics. But a pattern can be identified: fewer reviews are provided on weekends than on weekdays and more in the morning than in the evening. It is therefore advisable to send review requests on a Sunday or Monday evening, for example.

Knowing how many days after delivery a review e-mail should ideally be sent is a science in its own right. The generally recommended time is between one and three days after delivery. Two days is certainly ideal. Only then has the customer had enough time to collect their package and examine the goods whilst still being excited about the new item. If a review e-mail comes too many days after the delivery, the post-purchase excitement may already have dimmed.

Even if the customer has already received parts of the goods, they should not yet receive a review e-mail since the customer will then be likely to ask about the non-delivered package in the review. Therefore, only send a review e-mail when the customer has received all the goods.

Review buttons – a real click-catcher!


Review buttons are the key element of a review e-mail. By clicking on the button, the customer arrives at the review form and getting your rating stars is pretty much a sure bet.

If you use the Review Collector or the Trustbadge®, Trusted Shops will send your customers a review e-mail providing proven high conversion rates. This is the simplest way of collecting reviews. Depending on your settings, up to 10 percent of your orders will be reviewed.

However, if a customised solution is important for your company because you wish to create your own review e-mails, then our review button is perfect for you. There are many options available for its integration. You can even create your own graphic for the button.

The integration of the review button in your own e-mails is extremely easy. You just need to create a Base64 and URL coded review link, in which you need to enter your TS-ID, the order number and the customer’s e-mail address. Finally, position the graphic for the clickable surface over it and that’s it. As the order data has already been transferred, your customers will only need to choose the number of stars and write a review text.Trusted Tips: Download our guide on collecting more reviews!