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New on eTrusted: Sort Reviews in the Profile According to Relevance

18.06.2020, 2m

There are various options for sorting the existing customer reviews in the review profile. At the beginning of June, one more will be added for online shops that use eTrusted: Reviews can be sorted by relevance.


All reviews of your online shop from the last 12 months can be found in your public review profile. Until now, the most recent reviews automatically appear at the top. Consumers could only filter the comments according to the score/rating they are associated with.

The default listing of reviews by most recent will be replaced by most relevant. In the future, the most relevant reviews will be displayed at the top of the profile instead of the most recent ones.

What sorting by relevance means

Sorting by relevance is based on objective criteria:

  • Review date: Current reviews are more meaningful than older ones and therefore more relevant.
  • Length of the commentary: Longer comments are usually more helpful than shorter ones. Therefore they have a higher relevance.
  • Deviations from the average mark: Reviews that deviate far from the average score are outliers. They do not adequately represent your online shop. Therefore the relevance of these reviews is lower.
  • Likes: Comments that many people find helpful have a higher relevance (this feature will be introduced in the coming weeks).

In short: If a current review is particularly long and its number of stars does not deviate greatly from the average, it is displayed further up.

As long as you have a good overall rating as an online shop, the new automatic sorting reduces the probability that negative reviews will appear at the top of your profile.

The advantages at a glance

  • More sales: Meaningful reviews that perfectly represent your online shop are at the top of the review profile. This way, customers can see at first glance that they can shop with you with peace of mind.
  • Higher retention time: Users stay longer on your profile because they can find many interesting customer comments without having to search too much.
  • Better ranking: Many, and above all relevant content, improves the ranking of the profile in search engines. Meaningful content has a greater proximity to frequently used keywords used by users.

 A new menu item in the review profile

This is what the new menu item in the review profile looks like. With one click, visitors can change the default setting and sort by review date ("newest first"). Filtering by rating (left in the picture) is still possible.


At the beginning of June, the update will be carried out automatically

As an eTrusted user, you do not need to do anything for the change. It will be made automatically at the beginning of June. In addition, we will continuously optimise the sorting process in the near future.

For users of My Trusted Shops, nothing changes in the review profile; the only choice remains sorting by most recent.

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