The New Trustbadge: Rounded Corners, Clearer Message

07.02.2020, 2m

The Trustbadge® is the cornerstone of Trusted Shops. Online retailers use it to display trustmarks and customer reviews in their shop. In this article, we will show you the new layouts of the Trustbadge variants. These will be released in Switzerland first, with other markets to follow.


In the past few months, we have collected extensive feedback from consumers and online retailers about the Trustbadge. Retailers want a streamlined and discreet design, yet one that is also distinctly recognisable. Consumers want to clearly see the advantages that the Trustbadge offers them for online shopping. Here is an overview of all the new variants.

1. Desktop Version

Trusted Shops Trustbadge new desktop 2020

2. Mobile View

Trusted Shops Trustbadge new mobile 2020

Mobile view on your phone

The image below gives you an idea of how the Trustbadge looks on mobile . It hovers over the content and disappears when the user scrolls. This version replaces the previous bar-style variant at the top of the screen.

EN TB mobile in phone

The changes at a glance:

  • Rounded corners: All of our new Trustbadge variants have rounded edges or circular shapes. Rounded corners increase user-friendliness in mobile versions, and make it clear that the Trustbadge is a clickable icon.

  • Goodbye pineapple: We’re getting rid of the pineapple yellow, so that users will no longer be visually distracted from the content of your website. The Trustbadge is now presented as a discrete and easily accessible quality feature in the shop.

  • Prominent Logo: The Trusted Shops trustmark has the highest level of awareness among consumers, which is why we are putting it at the forefront. Our company logo and the eTrusted logo of our new rating platform no longer appear in the Trustbadge because they do not offer any added value to consumers.

3. Expanded Trustbadge

EN TB max

The changes at a glance:

Plain text instead of symbols: The new Trustbadge uses plain text to emphasise the most important message: your online shop is a secure space for your customers. The focus here is on the information that is relevant for users.

Less is more: Instead of five areas with information in the Trustcard, there are now just three.

Users stay in your shop: Customers can find plenty of content to read in the Trustcard without leaving your shop.

Easy to close: The Trustcard can be closed simply by clicking on the X at the top right. This means that customers can easily continue shopping on your website.

4. Complete guarantee

EN TB guarantee

The changes at a glance:

Security is paramount: The guarantee takes centre stage, with no distractions. Consumers will feel good knowing they have the certainty of complete security when using your online shop.

No action needed

The Trustbadge update will take place automatically, so you, as a retailer, don’t need to take any action. The changes will be rolled out in Switzerland in the near future, with other target markets to follow soon thereafter.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please get in touch at