How Professional Customer Service and On-boarding Works at Trusted Shops

As an online retailer, you have a lot of different tasks that you have to coordinate on a daily basis: online marketing, logistics, and shop systems. And then there are also regular legal updates that you need to implement in your shop to avoid breaking any laws. Because we know that, we, at Trusted Shops, want to support you in the best possible way. In today’s article, you’ll get an inside look at how that works. Get to know our Customer Success Team!

At the initial consultation (and, if necessary, at the conclusion of a contract), our sales staff will be at your side as experts for the right starting solution. Depending on your budget, the size, and the history of your shop, different packages are available. For example, the trustmark combined with the review system or just the review system.

"Not every solution fits every shop. Our staff will sit down and figure out what suits you and your shop best through our many years of experience."

Veronika Kaioukova, Director Sales

Your contact on the Customer Success Team

If you decide to become a Trusted Shops member, your contact person will change. You’ll receive a personal contact person from our Customer Success team within the seven working days of signing your contract. Our Customer Success team will help you optimally integrate the Trusted Shops solutions and you’ll be able to start quickly and easily.

But even in the long term, they’re also available to answer any questions you may have by phone or e-mail. Our telephone service is open during business hours between 8am and 5pm (GMT), so that in case of emergency you can contact an expert from the Customer Success team.

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"Our Customer Success team focuses exclusively on our existing members. This way, we can ensure that our customers get the most out of their membership with Trusted Shops, according to their individual needs."

Christian Berg, Director Customer Success

You can get in touch with your contact person for many reasons. Check with them regularly on how to best use the Trusted Shops solutions and find out which new features and product updates could help make your business even more successful.

Your contact person proactively approaches you and discusses which steps are currently the most sensible for your business. Since they have your most important KPIs in mind, they can help you figure out what the next logical steps for your business are.

As we mentioned before with our sales colleagues, we put a strong focus on the fact that not every solution fits every shop. Your Customer Success expert is there to help you develop your online shop. And if you have more in-depth questions on other topics like legal issues or marketing-related issues, your contact person can also help direct you to our other experts quickly and easily.

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On-boarding in detail

In general, you’ll go through the following steps during on-boarding, depending on which products you’ve booked with us when starting off.

1) Integration of the Trustbadge®

The Trustbadge® is the technological basis for almost all Trusted Shops products. The code can be integrated into your shop quickly and easily. For most shop systems, we offer plugins that make integration easy even without programming knowledge.

If questions arise about integration, one of our technicians will assist you and carry out the integration process with you.

2) Start of the audit process

Once you have decided on the Trusted Shops Trustmark, your shop will be checked by a legal expert for different criteria. If you do not fulfil them right away, it is normal and not a cause for concern.

After the first check, you’ll be sent a report with the points that you still need to address in order to obtain the quality seal. If these are not clear, your legal expert will be available by phone and/or e-mail.

You then have time to improve those open points and have the shop checked again. If all points are met, your shop may bear the trustmark and you can start offering your shoppers the 30-day Buyer Protection.

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3) Collect the first reviews

If the Trustbadge® is successfully integrated, you can start collecting reviews right away. The audit process can run in parallel without any problems.

To start off, you can, for example, begin with our Review Collector within a few minutes without any technical effort. With this tool, you can begin collecting a variety of new reviews. Send review requests to your current customer base with just a few clicks.

Staying in contact with our satisfied customers

"Making our customers successful through continued support is what we strive for and seeing their business grow with the usage of Trusted Shops is our mission."

Karim Strahlmann, Team Lead Customer Success

Our customers experience both the on-boarding and the subsequent personal care as positive. This is proven to us by both the direct feedback and the ratings for us:

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If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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