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      How to Use the Olympic Games to Boost Sales in Your Online Shop

      The Olympic Games are a good opportunity to increase sales. However, using the event in marketing requires some creativity. How do you do it?

      3min. read  |  08/05/24

      How E-commerce Businesses Can Make Useful ChatGPT Prompts

      ChatGPT has become a very useful tool for e-commerce businesses. We'll walk you through the steps of making useful prompts to get the most out of the tool.

      4min. read  |  24/04/24

      Father's Day Marketing: 5 Tips for Promoting Your Online Shop

      With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to think about promotions and sales. What can small businesses do to boost their sales for the upcoming holiday?

      7min. read  |  03/04/24

      How to Write Great Product Descriptions (with Examples)

      Having good product descriptions on your product pages can bring many benefits to your online shop. Learn more about it in our article!

      6min. read  |  13/03/24

      How Online Shops Can Benefit from Great Unboxing Experiences

      Unboxing experiences can boost customer retention while also improving your marketing efforts. Learn more about optimising the unboxing experience.

      5min. read  |  28/02/24

      5 Marketing Ideas for the Easter Holidays

      Easter can be a great way to get shoppers in your store. We've gathered some statistics and some Easter marketing tips to boost sales for your online shop.

      6min. read  |  07/02/24

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