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      What is Google Lighthouse?

      Google has a huge range of tools that you can use to optimise your website. Google Lighthouse is a tool that allows you to perform an audit on your...

      3min. read  |  20/07/21

      Show Your Star Ratings in Google Ads

      Google says that ads with star ratings get 17% higher click-through rates than ads without them. How you can start showing your star ratings for your ads?

      3min. read  |  14/07/21

      5 Free SEO Tools via Chrome Extensions

      Which Chrome extensions work best for your website? Here are 5 free SEO Chrome extensions that will help improve your website’s ranking in Google!

      4min. read  |  02/07/21

      How Can You Add Favicons to Google Search Results?

      How can you add favicons to Google search results? Google can display website logos in search results. Today, we will show you how to add favicons!

      3min. read  |  21/06/21

      Make Your Website Accessible for the Blind and Visually...

      If your vision is good, you've probably never really struggled with browsing the web. For people with visual impairments, it can actually be quite...

      4min. read  |  26/04/21

      How E-commerce Businesses Should Use Their SEO Budgets

      SEO is a continuous learning process. Today we'll look at how e-commerce businesses should spend their SEO budgets.

      5min. read  |  24/03/21

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