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      Off-Page SEO: What Is It and How Can You Use It for Your Online Shop?

      When it comes to SEO, we distinguish between on-page and off-page SEO. What's the difference? Why is Off-Page SEO so important?

      5min. read  |  09/03/21

      Free Google Shopping Ads in Europe Starting in October!

      To support small businesses, Google recently announced free results in Google Shopping for European merchants. Keep reading to learn more!

      3min. read  |  06/10/20

      Introducing Google Shoploop: A New Way of Shopping

      Google has introduced a new video shopping platform called Shoploop, which offers a more fluid and interactive experience than traditional online shopping.

      3min. read  |  26/08/20

      Google Page Experience: A New Search Engine Ranking Factor

      Google Page Experience is going to be a new ranking factor for the search engine next year. You can start preparing your website now with our help!

      3min. read  |  04/08/20

      Google Discover: An Important Update

      When Google shows your website in Discover, you get massive amounts of traffic for free. You can be featured there with your website. Learn how.

      3min. read  |  20/07/20

      Domain Authority: How it Can Improve Your Google Ranking

      One of the most influential factors of an online shop’s ranking in search engines is the domain authority of the site. Learn all about it in today's blog.

      6min. read  |  17/07/20

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