Trusted Shops in Portugal!

20.04.2020, 2m

Last year, Trusted Shops celebrated its 20th anniversary . Over the past two decades, the Trusted Shops trustmark has become more and more popular throughout Europe!

Although we are a stable company employing over 500 people from 40 different countries, we don't rest on our laurels.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of our website for entrepreneurs in Portugal.


Interest in the Trusted Shops trustmark is growing, as is the number of transactions made online. The e-commerce industry is constantly growing, and with it - we are, too.

Trusted Shops in Portugal

In order to respond to customer needs, we are increasing the reach of Trusted Shops. From now on, Portuguese entrepreneurs can use the dedicated website available at

Unlike websites dedicated to other European markets, e.g. Spain, Italy, France - the Portuguese version of the website does not yet have a Knowledge section (free whitepapers, blog, etc.) yet.

UK whitepapers page
Our guides and whitepapers are available free for download.

As the leader of online trust in Europe, we definitely plan to further develop our services across Europe. Remember, if we don’t have a domain for your region, you can always visit our EU site or our UK site to learn more or get in touch with us. 

Why the interest in Trusted Shops?

Entrepreneurs choose our solutions because of the popularity of the trustmark among consumers. As our popularity has grown, so has our company! They say an image is worth a thousand words:


Everyday, 35,000 new reviews appear in the Trusted Shops reviews system. Impressed? Wait till you hear this: as many as 200,000 purchases are covered by the guarantee per day as well.

In addition to the reviews system, Trusted Shops members receive a professional website audit regarding usability, transparency, and legal aspects. After implementing the changes based on the auditor's recommendations, shops can display the trustmark and build more trust with their visitors.

If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with us about our products or any of the markets we serve. You can always head to our contact page and someone will get in touch with you shortly!

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