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What is Trusted Shops and What Can They Do for My Business?

25.05.2020, 7m

If you’ve seen the Trusted Shops logo around, you might have asked yourself “What is Trusted Shops exactly?” or “What can Trusted Shops do for my shop?” Those are definitely fair questions. Hopefully, we can unravel that mystery a bit for you today.

As you might have guessed, Trusted Shops has something to do with trustworthy websites and "trust solutions".  You may or may not know what "trust solutions" means and I don't blame you. After all, trust is abstract, right? Well, yes and no.

We've put together this video to explain what we do (in 96 seconds!):

Of course, keep reading for a more detailed look at how Trusted Shops helps businesses build trust!

A quick word about "trust" 

Of course, trustworthiness is perceived, so your instinct might tell you that it's something that's hard to produce and even harder to fake. You're right about that. In fact, it's often said that trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose.

When people say they trust someone or something, we often think of it as a feeling, but in actuality trust is a calculated risk. For example, we use a lot of mechanisms to judge someone's trustworthiness:

  • aesthetics (He looks trustworthy)
  • reputations ("Jim said he's a good guy.")
  • presentation (She sounds like she knows what she's talking about.)
  • and more...

The same rings true for your online shop. Therefore, you should keep in mind that although trust might not be tangible, there are concrete things you can do to ensure your site is seen in a trustworthy way.

The fact that trust is perceived means that you have to remember that it's your job as a shop owner to make sure you communicate that trustworthiness.

After all, you know you're trustworthy, but do your potential customers?

Trusted Shops product overview

How does Trusted Shops help build trust?

Trusted Shops is a company that acts as a 3rd party representing the common interests of both consumers and retailers. With over 20 years of experience, Trusted Shops has been deep in the world of e-commerce for long enough to know what is truly important to shoppers as well as businesses.

With a variety of products and features to help shop owners build trustworthiness, let's take a look at Trusted Shops' core products:

The Trustmark

trustmarkTrusted Shops is the creator of Europe’s most recognised seal of approval (aka the Trustmark). The Trusted Shops Trustmark basically proves that a website is compliant with industry best practices.

In order to earn the Trustmark, companies must pass an audit. Some of the criteria to pass this audit include the responsible handling of customer data, transparent communication, and reliable customer service.

There is a dedicated team at Trusted Shops to guide you through this audit and help you make sure you become compliant.

Curious about the Trustmark's quality criteria? Download the whitepaper below to see how you can qualify!

New call-to-action

To top that off, when displaying the Trustmark, shop owners can offer their customers the option to opt into the Buyer Protection, a 30-day money-back guarantee. This can really help bridge the trust gap that exists when shoppers visit a website for the first time.

Want to read more about the Trustmark and Buyer Protection?
We dig a bit deeper into the product in this article:

More Sales & Trust with the Trusted Shops Trustmark & Buyer Protection


Trusted Shops online reviews

Trusted Shops realises that the perfect product to complement their Trustmark is social proof in the form of online reviews. After all, survey after survey (ahem, we've even conducted our own survey) reveals what most of us already realise: shoppers trust other shoppers and rely on reviews to guide their purchase decisions. Collecting customer reviews is basically a no-brainer these days.

With shop-, product- and local reviews, Trusted Shops wants consumers to be involved in sharing their online shopping experiences with other customers.

verified reviews
Plenty of verified reviews can be found on Futureshop's shop profile page

Reputation Management whitepaperWant to read more about managing your online reputation? Check out our free whitepaper and learn what steps you should take to proactively manage your digital reputation. 

Reviews carry the added benefit of providing your website with fresh content. This might not sound so important, but this actually means that Google sees your website as more relevant because of the constant addition of relevant texts and content (i.e. keywords!) to your website and product pages. Therefore, this can really help your website rank higher in search engine queries!

And if you run Google Ads, you'd be working with a Google partner. What does that mean? It means you can get stars to appear in your Google Ads (text ads as well as Google Shopping ads), thus potentially boosting your click-through rates and lowering your CPCs, according to Google.


Remember, Google Ads (like the one below) display shop reviews while Google Shopping ads display product reviews.

star ratings in a google ad

A Google Ad run by FutureShop shows off their shop's star-ratings.


Replying to reviews is also incredibly important to your brand image. Showing potential customers that you take customer feedback seriously reflects well on your reputation, especially your customer support. Trusted Shops' newest tool uses A.I. to create thoughtful, unique, and relevant replies with the click of a button. To learn more, click on the banner below:

review management with artificial intelligence offer by trusted shops

The Trustbadge technology

The Trustmark and customer reviews come together in the Trusted Shops Trustbadge®, an easy-to-integrate interface that you can display throughout your website. The Trustbadge shows off the Trustmark throughout your website along with your average star-rating score (if you collect shop reviews with us).

Shoppers are reminded that the store has been approved by Trusted Shops and their fellow shoppers, and comes with a guarantee as well. Because of this, the perceived risk factor for buying from an unknown website goes way down, thereby boosting a shop’s conversion rates.


The mobile Trustbadge

A small symbol throughout the customer journey reminds users that they are shopping on a safe site. This can, of course, be customised to fit your shop's needs.

phone with trustbadge

The Trustbadge has the receipts

Clicking on the Trustbadge reveals more information about a shop's trustworthiness. Access reviews and information about the guarantee.

phone with your Trusted Shops

Want a better idea of what the customer sees when they visited a Trusted Shops website? Check out our consumer journey page.


Building trust for your website is definitely possible. With the help of Trusted Shops, over 30,000 online shops have earned the trust of new customers while improving (or creating) their online reputations.

However, this was just a brief summary of what Trusted Shops can do for an online shop.

Want to talk to one of our consultants who can walk you through our products? Head to our contact us page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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