See What Your Customers Think: The Trusted Shops Sentiment Analysis

Every day, your customers provide you with new reviews of your service and offers. This valuable feedback enables you to recognise trends, eliminate negative experiences, and reinforce positive aspects. In short: to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

To do this, however, you need to analyse and evaluate all of these reviews: which aspects are perceived positively and which negatively? Where on the customer journey is there praise and where is there criticism? Depending on the number of reviews coming in every day, this can be a very time-consuming task because even five-star reviews can contain important information about customer needs and the potential for improvement.

In this article, you will learn how Trusted Shops' Sentiment Analysis can take this work off your hands with the help of artificial intelligence.

Detailed analysis with A.I.

The more reviews you receive, the more detailed the picture you get of your customers' satisfaction. As essential as it is for shop owners to receive as many detailed reviews as possible, the effort required to identify the relevant patterns in the individual reviews and create an overview also increases.

The Sentiment Analysis does exactly this work for you with the help of artificial intelligence:

  • Relevant sections of the reviews are identified and extracted in a matter of seconds using artificial intelligence
  • These sequences are then assigned to both a sentiment and a category
  • The sentiment breakdown summarises the results clearly and on a daily basis.

The more reviews, the better

The Sentiment Analysis is beneficial for every company, from young start-ups to established businesses. What counts, is the number of reviews: when it reaches a level that is hard to analyse manually, the new tool unleashes its full potential.

It allows you to focus on your entrepreneurial tasks and make informed decisions based on the clear breakdowns, resulting in fewer abandoned purchases and more happy customers.

How the Sentiment Analysis works

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The new tool can be found in the eTrusted Control Centre after activation and is very easy to use. After booking the tool, you can get started immediately without any integration effort:

  1. In the sentiment breakdown, you can see how many reviews the respective categories have been mentioned in and how many positive, neutral and negative mentions there are in each category.

  2. The sentiment score is calculated from the positive, neutral, and negative mentions in the individual categories.

  3. By clicking on the category, you can see which passages of which reviews have been analysed. From here, you can also go directly to your inbox to reply to the respective reviews.

With the Sentiment Analysis, you have all the important facts and figures at your fingertips and can reinforce positive trends based on daily updated data and react to problems in a targeted manner. If this data is used correctly, it will help you with your shop's most valuable asset: returning customers!

Want to know what your customers think?

Then the Sentiment Analysis is the right tool for you!

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Daniel Ott

Communications expert at Trusted Shops

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