Dan Heller

Dan Heller is an SEO specialist that studied Communication & Design. He is a passionate content creator with experience in many industries, including e-commerce, real estate, and fashion.

With this experience, his writing covers a lot of topics, including online marketing, SEO, design, social media, and any other trends in the e-commerce world.

Latest articles from Dan Heller


7 Easy E-Commerce Growth Hacks (2023 Update)

Growth hacks by definition will help your company grow without much effort. We've collected 7 tips for you to improve your online shop's performance.

4min. read  |  08/09/23

Storytelling in E‑commerce: Why Is It so Important?

If you want to stand out from the competition and create great marketing campaigns, you should think of using storytelling as a marketing strategy.

5min. read  |  30/08/22

Increase Sales through Upselling and Cross‑selling

Upselling and cross-selling strategies can boost your shop's average order value and ultimately increase your sales. We've got some great tips for you!

3min. read  |  31/08/21
E-commerce, SEO/SEA

Checklist: Local SEO for Your Retail Shop

Want your shop to be found by locals? Follow our local SEO tips to get more walk-ins to your brick-and-mortar shop.

4min. read  |  18/08/21
Trust, E-commerce

HTTPS & SSL Certificate: An Absolute Must for Your Online Shop

Google is pushing HTTPS websites higher in rankings and penalizing websites that don't. What do you need to know about HTTPS and SSL Ceritifcation?

4min. read  |  12/02/21

E-Commerce Recruiting – When You Should Hire Your First...

When should solo online retailers start thinking about hiring their first employee, and who should they hire?

3min. read  |  11/08/20

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