E-commerce Compact #11: Facebook Launches E-commerce Platform 'Shops'

08.06.2020, 3m

A couple of days ago, Facebook launched its very own e-commerce platform. In this edition of E-commerce Compact, we'll take a look at what the new platform is all about and how you can use it for your online shop.

A smartphone with the facebook logo displayed on it lies on a wooden ground.

Facebook's "shops" can be used on both Facebook and Instagram, with products displayed on pages, in stories, and advertisements.

Placing an order in WhatsApp and other messaging apps belonging to Facebook might be possible in the future as well. 

The roll out of Facebook Shops has been pushed forward because of Covid-19. Due to the many measures taken to contain the coronavirus, many shops in the UK and abroad (for the time being) had to close.



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Setting up an online shop to sell their products on Facebook and Instagram (with no fee), is now possible for almost a million companies in the UK and around the world. 

The shops will be displayed on business pages, Instagram profiles and through targeted ads.

The Facebook corporation has already applied a no-fees access for personal classifieds in Facebook Marketplace.

However, any shop owner who already has a Facebook page for their business and is familiar with the platform, will most probably welcome the new e-commerce platform. 

With a yellow background, the facebook like button is depicted.

Facebook wants Shops to be a smooth experience for the average social media user

After shoppers decide to follow through on a purchase, they’ll be passed on to the shop’s website to complete the transaction.

How do I set up my online shop on Facebook Shops?

Setting up Facebook Shops seems quite simple:

  1. Enter a name for the shop

  2. Type in a short description of the shop

  3. Upload a cover image

After, you select which products you want to sell online.


According to Facebook, they’re also testing the possibility of creating a loyalty programme. Users could then earn points on their Facebook account which later can then be transferred into discounts.

Creating collections in Facebook Shops

Facebook’s e-commece platform allows online retailers to customise the layout and style of the online shop.

It’s also possible to create different collections.

One of these collections can then be displayed right at the top of the shop.

You can select between 6-30 products, which you can then organise into collections of different themes to help your customers find the right product.

Three screenshots of adidas ads on the facebook app are being displayed on smartphones.

Shops on Instagram and Facebook

Online shoppers can visit the Facebook shop via both Facebook and Instagram. 

Naturally, advertisements and stories can grab the audience's attention.

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The entire collection can therefore be found directly on the platform, while users can save their favourite products and of course place an order directly.

This means your shop will be viewed in a full-screen, immersive experience.


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