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E-commerce Compact #25: New Google Core Update & Live Shopping

06.12.2021, 6m

Welcome to this edition of our bi-weekly series, E-commerce Compact! This week, we'll focus on the new November Core Update Google has rolled out. What happens to your website's ranking in the SERPs? Also, learn about new livestream shopping features by YouTube and Twitter.


New Google Core Update

On 17 November 2021, Google announced and already started rolling out the November 2021 Core Update - only about four and a half months after the last Core Update in July 2021. 

The July Update, on the other hand, followed the previous update by only a month (i.e. June 2021 Core Update). In fact, there have been a total of three major Google Core Updates rolled out in 2021 (so far).

"Later today, we are releasing a broad core update, as we do several times per year. It is called the November 2021 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates is here:"

— Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) November 17, 2021

The November Spam Update

Livestreaming Shopping is a thing now: New features on Twitter & YouTube

Social media platforms have been eager to come up with new ways for customers to discover products; especially during this year’s holiday season. 

Several live-features have already been long introduced on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and even Pinterest. Stars and influencers use these features to get in touch with their audience. 

However, it seems as if using live videos as shopping tools is now actually becoming a thing in Europe. For some time now, the format has already been booming in Asian countries like China. 

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Now, Twitter revealed that it will be testing livestream shopping features. 

What to know about livestream shopping on Twitter?

According to the platform itself, users will soon be able to visit a dedicated live page on the Twitter surface where they can watch livestreams and chat with brands for product information. 

Twitter users can access live streams either via the dedicated live tweet or the shop tab. In Twitter's shopping area, ongoing live streams are then displayed at the top.

The showcased products, detailed product descriptions, and a button to buy desired products can either be found right beneath the video during a live stream or discovered via the Shop tab.


Source: Twitter

The platform is opting for a seamless virtual shopping experience. Therefore Twitter allows users to take a look at the shoppable banner and Shop tab on the Live page, switching between tabs throughout the livestream to check out other products, and even watch the live shopping event on the shop’s website.

The first live shopping event that took place on the platform was a stream conducted in collaboration with Walmart.

Popular singer and social media star, Jason Derulo, presented the livestream on Twitter on November 28, presenting all kinds of different products (e.g. electronics, home goods, and apparel).

“Livestreaming on Twitter gives businesses the power to engage with their most influential fans, and adding the ability to shop into this experience is a natural extension to attracting and engaging with receptive audiences,” Twitter explains

For now, live shopping on Twitter is currently only being tested in the US. But as the popularity of virtual shopping experiences increases all over the globe, we can surely assume that Twitter will be rolling out this feature in Europe some time soon as well.

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As indicated earlier, it’s not just Twitter trying to set up livestream features on its platform. 

Right in the middle of the 2021 holiday shopping season, YouTube shared the launch of new livestream events.

What to know about livestream shopping on YouTube?

Lately, the video platform has already experimented with a series of different shopping features. However, these functions were only restricted to a select group of users.

YouTube announced that new livestream shopping features were to be rolled out right during this year’s Christmas shopping period.

Between November 15 and November 22 several live shopping events (“Holiday Stream and Shop”) took place on the platform.

“Heading into 2022, YouTube will continue building and investing in shopping, including features for video on demand and personalized shopping. We’ll continue learning through these events and experimenting with new formats. In fact, on November 17, we will premiere a new shoppable film featuring products from Black-owned businesses that you can purchase. Our goal is to create a fun and compelling shopping experience for our viewers that addresses the growing demand for social e-commerce while strengthening the unique relationship YouTube creators have with their fans, “

Wendy Yang, Product Designer, YouTube Shopping

There is so much to do on YouTube. Has your business experimented with it yet?

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