Why Do My Google Stars Not Appear?

Take note on the Google search results page, and you should see the yellow, clickable evaluation stars. We have often discussed these in the past, but these are not always displayed in the search results. This is not necessarily a mistake, but it could be. We will show you the typical causes of error and how to fix them.

To display the stars as rich snippets, collected scores must be included in the source code of the page. You can see an overview of these stars in the image below. Are you having problems with how your stars are represented in the paid results?

star ratings serp result

If everything is correctly implemented in the source code, will the stars be displayed with every search result containing your page?

No, because Google uses its search algorithm to decide which search queries cause the stars to be displayed. The rich snippets are generally used to increase click rates. If the stars were to be displayed all the time, they would lose their eye-catching effect.

laptop seo


Don’t worry if you look at your search results and there aren’t any stars. They’re not always displayed. If you want to know if this is the fault of an error, it’s best to make a site query. To do this, head over to Google and enter the URL of the page you want to check, without the “https://” at the start.

For example: 


Search Console can also be an important source of information about the structured data (the source code), in order to identify specific errors.

We have compiled these and other tips for you in our free infographic.

troubleshooting google ads stars


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