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Improved digital trust with the Reputation Manager


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789 mil.


Year founded

Plochingen, DE

Trusted Shops member
since 25.05.2011

Advance with a good reputation

DECATHLON is one of the largest sporting goods manufacturers and retailers in the world, with shops in 57 countries. On this page, we make clear why it is important, nonetheless, for a well-known and well-established brand with an online business to build trust. Additionally, Decathlon is one of the first retailers to try out the Trusted Shops Reputation Manager and share their experience.


Customer reviews as a building block of trust

In the fast-paced, competitive online world it is important to attract and retain customers. Customer reviews play an important role in establishing a good digital reputation. Decathlon uses Trusted Shops customer reviews as a means of communicating to customers, to use for internal analyses and as a marketing tool for their shop.


The Reputation Manager facilitates the collection and distribution of reviews amongst other reviews platforms, such as Trustpilot and Google My Business, with just a few clicks. Trusted Shops enables online shops to ask customers for feedback linked to other review profiles and improve their digital reputation throughout different platforms.

Overall Score
April 2020
Poor review score
In April 2020, Decathlon's overall rating on Trustpilot was 1.9 out of 5 stars.
New Reviews
Collecting more reviews
With the help of the Reputation Manager, the number of customer reviews was 4.5 times higher.
Overall Score
October 2020
Good review score
In just six months, the overall Decathlon Trustpilot rating improved from 1.9 to 4.0 out of 5 stars.
"We didn't realise how visible the negative reviews were on Trustpilot. It was great to have the option of forwarding 10% of the reviews to Trustpilot via the Reputation Manager ... This has been a great success!"
Axel Müller
E-commerce Manager at Decathlon
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